Live While We Young

Allison has won the contest of a life time! She has won a year with One Direction!! One little issue... she is 11.


3. On the way to London

Allisons POV


       I woke up to my alarm, it was the song LWWY i love that song. Anyway i turned of my alarm and got up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my dirty-blonde hair and washed out my blue eyes. I looked at myself in the mirror and just pictured how much fun this year was going to be. I mean I have to attend school in London but its worth it. I emailed Paul and he convinced Niall to go with me!! After fangirling for about 20 minutes I looked at the clock "Oh shoot" its 7:30 my plane leaves in two and a half hours and the airport is an hour away. I got changed into a pair of ripped bleached skinny jeans a of the shoulder Yankees sweater (Yes I love the Yankees) and I put on a pair of tall tan ugg boots. its December so its really cold here and there. I just let my straight hair fall naturally. Usually I would wear pajamas on the plane but i don't want to look bad for meeting my idols. After I was done getting ready I went down stairs. My Mom, Brother, and Sister were at the table eating waffles. My sister glared at me. She was so jealous that im going and not her. she thinks im to young. 1. I am 11 not 4 2. I will have security and 5 guys to protect me. But i didnt let her see that it bothered me. When I sat down to eat I told my family how much I love them and how much I will miss them. My dad came down stairs and said it was time to go. I said bye to everyone i tears and hunged and kissed them with them crying to.

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