Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


13. The return with revenge!


"Goodmorning babe" Niall said all sexy like.

"Goodmorning" I said sleepily as I kissed him. I got up to go to go find jackie and Megan since it was at least 11a.m. I walked out the door and as soon as i walked out I bumped into Liam.

"Hey" he said all husky and sooo guy like.

"Hey, perfect, I was looking for Jackie do you happen to know where she is?"

"Ya, last i saw her she was goin outside to get the mail for us but i dont know now she might be here she has been gone for a long time." Liam answered.

"Oh ok thanks." So I started to go out the door to go talk to Jackie.


  I awoke in the darkness in a basement to much like like the warehouse that Cane used to work at. Oh bullpoopie I think Cane did this to me. All I remember is that i went to get the mail I thought I heard something and when I went to turn around I got hit and the head and thats all I remember besides the throbing pain behind my eyes and head.  So maybe its not Cane maybe its someone else that just happened to bring me here by chance or maybe they got the wrong person. Ya maybe thats it. Wait then wouldnt they have dumped me somewhere else? Oh bullpoop who else could it be! I tried to look around but when i did their was a pain in my head. 

"Ooouuucch!" I groaned!

"IT WOULDNT HURT SO MUCH IF YOU JUST STAYED!" Someone yelled with so much rage. But i knew exactly who it was. Cane.

" Why are you he-h-here" I sobbed, "You were i-in jail."


"But-but how d-did you-you get out?" I sobbed.


Then he hit me with a pipe once and then twice is when i blacked out after screaming in agonized pain!


"Megan have you seen Jackie yet, i didnt see her anywhere and i looked in the yard?" Danielle asked me.

"No where was the last place you have seen her?"

"Well Liam said that she went to get the mail for the guys and i didnt see anything out of the window but do you want to help me look for her?" Danielle asked me.

"Sure but lets get dressed first and how are you and Niall" i said teasing.

"Oh good so how are you and Harry he mostly is a one night stand and if he hurts you im gonna kick his cute butt outta here!"

"Heyy i can take care of myself mother, we both grew up with bad childhoods and honestly i have enough hurting in my life that i dont think it matters anymore." I told her firmly.

"I know.." But i cut her off.

"I dont think we have time for pity right now we have to find jackie remember?"

"Yea, yea lets go out front, whoa Hannah where are" Danielle said but cut off because right then she fell.  I go to her help her but its to late because as i was about to dodge and punch whoever it was i got hit with something and then i heard Hannah scream. The scream died off. I was trying to get to Danielle but all i could see was thick gray and then my vision went black.


"Hey guys Hannahs here do you remember her from the carnival?" I told the guys.

"Ya the cute girl with the cherry red hair?" Harry replyed.

"Ya she said she was here so why dont you get the girls.."i said but then Liam cut me off.

"Well thats why im here i came to tell you guys I cant find jackie and then Megan and Danielle went to go look for her and thats the last time I saw them." Liam said worried like.

"Well maybe their talking with Hannah cause she said she was here..'Checking my txt message'about 10 minutes ago."

"Hmmmmm, maybe do you guys want to check?" Niall said.

"Yes" We all said in Unision.

"Ok lets all check outside first because thats where they all were before...Wait do you think something happened to them when they went outside?"Liam said going all teary eyed.

"Oh shit" Harry exclaimed.

"Lets go!" I yelled.


I was just regaining from my sleep.Wait sleep? then why do I have a pain in my head? Oh shit someone just fricken kiddnapped us and we didnt even see them coming. Im soooo blaming this on Jackie she is probaly at home watching t.v. or better fucking yet making out with Liam. I just started to move my leg when i hit something. But then that something groaned. OMG its hannah they took her to what does she have to do with this?

'Hannah wake up" I said as i kept hitting her leg to wake up.

"Hmmm" Was all she said before i guess she relisied she got kiddnapped too. "What where are we?" She cried.

"Were in..." I said looking around before i finally got it. Cane kiddnapped us this is his warehouse."Oh no its Cane he did this" I said all frighten. i guess Hannah noticed cause she started to cry even harder.

"Whos Ca-Cane"She sobbed.

"My abussive Step Loser now dont panick i dont see him so try to come ovr here and let me try to get the rope off your hands." I said as i scooted over so far that the rope was making my wrist start to bleed. i moved my hands and started to tug on her rope bound wrists of hers. Ha they started to losen but then the old wooden door started to groan.

"OH LOOK THE OTHER ONE IS FINIALY AWAKE!" Cane said with so much rage that im surprised the old warhouse didnt tumble on us.

"Wait other one you have Jackie too!"I yelled. she just had to get the mail.

"Ya but she is majorly injured right now and if you try to escape my brother Rick will do the same with the whore.Whats her name MEGAN!" He yelled.

"Why did you take us here the guys will find us and you'll go to jail? And I swear to god if you hurt them im gonna make you wish that you werent born!"

"DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT !" he yelled right before he stormed offf. about 3 minutes later i heard a grunt. Megan! I think shes trying not to scream, we have to hurry.

"Come on Hannah we have to go help them." I said as i kept tuggin and tuggin until it slipped off her hand"Now do me" i yelled as she crawled over closer to me with bound ankles. She tugged for about a 1 minute but felt like forever.

"K lets het our feet untied and then try and find a weapon or something i said as i left the room to go find out where they were keeping Jackie and Megan.


 We just found out where we think the girls got taken too.we saw Megan 'M' neclace that she never takes off so it left us to one person who we know hates them. Cane. Apparently Cane got only 3 days of jail and got out yesterday. We think he took them to the warhouse he used to work at we called the cops we told them where we think they are and what we found out and their on there way. God im going to make Megan a special dinner just for me and her after we find her.

"Step on it" i yelled as we drove toweard the warehouse.

"Were about 3 minutes away im going as fast as the fucking speed limit goes!" Liam yelled. He must be really mad that he actually swore. 


"AHHHH" I screamed but i bit my cheek to stop it.It would only give them pleasure if i scream.It hurts bad really bad. I have so much blood in my mouth from biting my cheek i just might cough up all my blood. Cane and Rick keep beating me i think they beat Jackie too. she looks bad but i can see that her chest is slowly rising and falling. Thats when i passed out again. The next time i woke up i saw Danielle at the door i hurt really bad but i knew i must get these ropes off. So i started to work on it. Then i saw where Danielle was looking and I knew she was crying because she tought Jackie was dead.


I just found out where there keeping jackie as i wiped away tears. Jackie looks really bad i would have thought she were dead if not for Megan telling me she wasnt with her eyes. she couldnt do much help with Rick and Cane in there. Hannah and i got a chair and a piece of wood. We were ready to go in.

Go i mouthed to Hannah.We barged in there and i tryed to hit Cane with the wood but it snapped in half "Shit" so i started kicking and throwing punches.


Danielle and Hannah just came in so i just kick and tripped Rick over when he tried to run over to them. I pulled my hands free of the rope i tugged on for which felt like forever then i untied my ankles quickly. Damn it im not very good with knots thats Jackies Skill. I got the rope undone but my wrists were bleeding. Damn it again. Were defintely gonna have to go to the hospitial. I went over to Cane who was with Danielle and kicked him in the balls. Then Danielle kicked him in the gut. I was about to punch him in the nose when Harry yelled for me to watch out.  I started to turn around and then i saw it happen. Rick hit me with a pipe in the stomach and rib. He was about to hit me again in the skull until Harry pushed us out of the way. Then the cops came in and yelled "Put your hands up where i can see them" and they did. Then i remembered all the blood in my mouth and coughed it up. Then i wiped all the blood off my mouth and face and said one word.


"Megan! Oh my fucking god your hurt!" Harry said between kisses.

" Im ok but guys we have to get Jackie to the Hospitial she hasnt woke up since i got here." I said with silent tears in my eyes.









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