Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


2. The great escape!

Its time for us to take a stand and leave! I thought.


"It's the middle of the night and i'm trying not to think about what danielle said, I can't leave we grew up here are friends are all around us. I mean I understand why she wants to leave but if she leaves i geuss i really don't have a chose but, to........go?!?"

"I can tell Jackie can't sleep she's tossing and turning but, I think it's because what i said earlier." Danielle thought.


I got a bag in hand and i'm trying to pack as fast and light as easy. I grabbed a whole bunch of my clothes and some of the money I saved and some money I kinda took from the drunk. I packed a bag for Jackie just in caase she decided she wanted to know.

"Danielle...... i'm ready......let's go!" She suprised me but i was so happy.

We grbbed are bags i packed and we were about to climb out the window, but one thing we forgot was he but bars on them so things like this would happen.So we walked down the hallway close to the wall so the floor wouldn't creek.We opened the door and walked out and a light flicked on.


OMG are we really doing this i'm so scared and when we got down the hllway i felt better and out the door i felt like we made it until..... the light flicked on.

"RUN" Danielle screamed.


"Those sluts, i swear when i find them they won't have legs to ever do this again" i said to myself.

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