Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


20. Start to the perfect life;)


We got home from the hospital to take showers and get good food to eat. Harry wanted to stay with Megan which was understandable. We didn't fight him on it either since he would have to get used to having Megan in a coma for a little bit. From almost having lost her forever. When the doctor came into the room after the machines started beeping and told us both the baby and Megan were healthy, Harry started crying. I felt bad and tried to comfort him. He leaned in and took the comfort.

"Thanks Jackie, Harry wouldnt't have let any of us comfort him." Louis said

"He would've but I was first so..." I didn't want the credit, "I am going to go take a shower. Are we going anywhere?"

"If you want to...Or we could stay here..." Liam said.

"I'll think about it during my shower..." I reply smiling.

"You sure you want to be alone?" Liam asked

"Oh please guys don't talk about this infront of me!" Danielle interupted.

"Sorry" I apologize "Come on Liam!" I pull him up the stairs.

"I think I like the decision you have made." He smiles

"What decision? I made a decision!?" I toyed

"Well I thought you did...I might've been wrong."

"What was the decision that I made??"

"Oh you know not to take a shower alone."

"Oh ya I forgot the idea was boring." I winked he picked me up and put me on the bathroom counter.

"That is totally unfair! You are stronger than me!!"

"I think it was totally fair." Liam answered and kissed me.

"Turn on the water. I don't like it cold." I order.


"Sorry I thought we came in to get in the shower."

"We did." He turned on the water and then came back and we kissed. He started with taking off my shirt and then I took off his and we just went back and forth. When we had no clothes he carried me into the shower. He touched my sides and I wiggled and squeeled. That made him laugh. I hit him.

"Ow! That hurt! Abuse!!!"

"Was not tickling me is abusing me!!"

"Not true. I should get to a kiss."

"Haven't I given you enough??"

"Never. So please?"

"OK" I smile and kiss him. After about 15 minutes we are done and I kick him out.

"I have to actually wash my body. I can't stink."

"Whatever. I will be waiting outside."

"Where is outside?"

"Where do you want it to be? I could be just out of the shower but in the bathroom, or in the bedroom."

"You surprise me." I smile kiss him and put shampoo in my hair. I start singing without thinking about it. I then I hear Liam laughing and I throw a washrag out at him.

"Hey watch it! I am dry!"

"Why are you laughing?"

"You are singing in the shower. Just random notes and words. Its cute."

"Blah! See if you ever hear me singing in the shower agian."

"Darn! I will miss it."

"Shut up." I finish and get out of the shower. Liam is holding my towel and I have to fight him for it. I end up getting him all wet agian and we end up on the floor. Me ontop of him. I try to get up but he pulls me ontop of him and doesn't let me until I kiss him.

"Thank you for holding me hostage!"

"Anytime." He says smiling.


I was wanting to take a shower, but once I laid down on the couch, I fell asleep. Megan was standing right infront of me. I started talking, but she walked past me. Then when she collapsed I freaked, I saw her, Harry and the baby walking out of the hospital. I saw how happy they were without the band. I felt bad because I thought the dream was showing how we would break the band apart, once their baby was born. I started crying and then I poped in on Jackie and Liam moving into a new house, and then buying a dog. Jackie got pregnant and they had the baby then moved farther away from the group. I saw how they were fine with the band breaking up.

Then it went to Niall and Danielle. First I see them going away and the whole group crying. Obviously they were the first two to go. Niall actually getting a job other than singing. His job was to make jingles for companies to use on comercials and then Danielle got pregnant after a few months. I started getting frantic. I went through Zayns life and then mine. Both were completly miserable. Even though I had Eleanor and Zayn had Perrie we weren't happy with what happened to the band. Then I saw something different. Right before Niall and Danielle boarded their plane, I said something and everyone agreed. Obviously that made a huge change because they came back, and the band was still together! I knew what this meant and would fix everything when it came. I woke up and went to the kitchen. I needed some food that was actually good.


When I actually got dressed I told liam that I was going to go out. I went to get some food and when I came out of the store someone grabed me. I pulled out my phone discreetly and dialed Liam's number. The man took me into an alley and threw me to the ground. I couldn't help myself and let out a yelp. I could hear Liam screaming my name asking if I was ok. The man kicked me right in the rib cage and I cried out more. Liam was saying something I hope he was having someone else call the police.

"This is for Cane you little bitch." He wiped out a knife but then we heard the police sirens and he started backing away.

I knew I couldn't let him get away so I pulled all my strength and grabed his leg. He went down with a scream. The police came running around the corner with Liam at their heels. I was shaking I winced when Liam picked me up. Then I blacked out, when I woke up my ribs were bandaged. A nurse came in and checked everything then she let Liam ,who I could tell was worried, in. He rushed over and grabed my hand.

"I am never letting you go anywhere without me!"

"Well that isn't fair I wouldn't be able to plan any surprise parties for you!"

"I guess one of the boys could go with you."

"Ok deal" I smile and he kisses me.


I had the ring with me. I wanted to do it now but what if she didn't love me the way I do with her? I was going to do it. Now while we are alone.


"Yes Liam?"

"Will you marry me?"

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