Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


16. Spliting up!:o


I woke up and just had the best dream and it's making me rethink this whole mother think............i think.....i wanna.......keep the baby and not give the baby up for adoption. I picked up the ultra sound picture and thought Harry still can't know. I hope i'm doing the right thing by not telling him. I just cant deal with it right now.


I shoved the picture under my pillow.

"Come in!"

"Hey Megan is everything ok?" Jackie asked.

"Yea i feel great ,not, so when did Danielle tell you?"

"Tell me what"She was the worst lier ever.Unlike her and everybody in this place i can actually lie.

"That I'm pregnant"

"She didn't!" She snapped.

"Yea she did i can tell and if you didnt know you wouldnt have said 'she didnt' to me "

"Am i that easy to read."she said with a cheesy smile.

"Yeah, well im just very good at it."


Danielle gonna kill me that megan knows i know. Uggg i need to tell someone it's killing me inside. I walked up to my room to sit down and Liam was there. Perfect i thought.

"Hey baby can i tell you something"

"Yea anything" He said with a worried loook on his face.

"Promise you won't tell anyone"

"Of course you can trust me with anything."He said grabbing my hand.

"Well pregnant."

"What, does Harry know?"he said with a undetermind look on his face.

"No but Megan wants to tell him." i said with the biggest eyes ever.


I love it when me and Niall just sit on the bed in are sweats and eating ice cream.

"I love this it when we do this!"

"Me 2" he said kissing me on my head.



" I have to tell you.Megan's pregnant"

"no way"

"Yeah but dont tell anyone that i told you"

All of a sudden Louis and Zayn fall out of of are closet.

"Oh god no guys you have to keep this from Harry" I said feeling like i told everyone but Harry.

"Harry is in need of daddy training"Louis stated.

"Leave it to us"Zayn added.

I hit my head with my hand oh god i feel so bad.Niall kissed as if it was his way of saying it well all be ok then all of a sudden.....

"What were you doing in are closet?"

"We got to go thing of some training ideas for harry bye?"They shouted while running out of are room.



I have a feeling something is going on since everyone is looking at me and Megan.

"So guys what are we gonna do today?"

"Well me and Danielle are gonna go look at houses....."Niall answered.

"Why would you do that" Louis asked?

"Were moving Lou"Niall said quite

"NOO!" Lou screamed falling to the floor crying.

"Louis is gonna be ok we will visit"Danielle said comforting.

"That sound like a good idea Harry we should think about doing that"Megan stated.

And that's when everyone was like yeah that's a good idea you guys will want to start a family one day.

"Jackie, Danielle kitchen now" Megan demanded.


Great everyone just gve us away.

"Why did they say that?"Megan asked.

"Because it's true."Jackie said.

"Why didn't they say that to Danielle and Niall!"She questioned.

"I don't know"i added.


"Danielle that's go" Niall said at the perfect time.

"Bye" i said running out the door and into the car.


"Jackie maybe today we can go look at houses too!"

"Yeah i would love that!" Jackie stated.

"Ok go get ready then we can go"

"Sounds good"


After 2 an a half hours of looking at houses we can acrossed this nice and big brick house.

"This is it"Danielle said and looked at me.

"Yes it is"I said kiising her "We want this one"

"Ok well we just you to fill th-" But i wasen't paying attetion i was to busy looking at this beautiful girl.

This house hada  wrap around porch, 3 master bedrooms,3 bedrooms,3 living rooms, a big kitchen, a beatuiful dinning room, 5 bathrooms and a big backyard with a pool and hot tub.


Liam and Jackie left and i was talking to Hannah on the phone. And i happened to ask if she would like to go house hunting with Harry and Megan. She was so excited. I just can't believe we are all leaving and going on with are lifes but not really leaving each others life. But Hanna still just wants to be friends, but I think it's her playing hard to get.That's ok i will do anything to make her happy i really like her but she says she needs time. And that makes me think what happened before i met her?


Me and Liam found a house down the street from Danielle and Niall. It's a victorian cape may with 3 master bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 man cave as liam would call it, a grand kitchen, a dinning room, a shed and pool in thee backyard.


So me and Zayn found a house next door to Megan and Harry's and like 2 blocks away from the others. It's one of those houses where the one next door is exactly the same we have 2 mater bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a all wood kitchen, and we have a big yard and a fence right down the middle and on the other side of the fence is Megan and Harry's yard the houses came with grills so we all can have a cook out.I think i'm playing too hard to get i mean i am not trying too it's just what happened and what is still happening. I hope hes wondering what's going on i just don't want if to know yet.


I'm alone i'm always alone good thing o have a flat all to myself just how i like it.But i mean it won't hurt to find someone right!?

text from Paul: Gig in two days in L.A. we will be there for a week

I replied: That's perfect we will be there.

I told all the boys and they are all excited but sad to leave the girls i geuss that's why i am glad i don't have anyone, you know!?

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