Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


15. Positive+


 3 weeks ago

  We just came home from the hospitial yesterday. I had a badly bruised rib and a cracked rib. I also had to get bandages on my wrists and had bruises all over my body. Most of my wounds are healed or healing but i am sore all over the place. Damn Cane. I woke up on Harry's bare chest and i smiled. We did it and he's all mine. I thought back to where we got kiddnapped. The police said that if Cane had hit me that second time I most likely have died. Im so thankful for Harry. I still had bruises from where Cane and Rick beat me. Jackie still has her bruises and scars. We know she got the worst, maybe because shes a wimp? Haha we love to kid her about being a wimp. I was getting up to go get dressed to go running around the park that is close by. Im gonna start to go running and working out so if someone ever were to try and push me around i can handle myself, to be a better fighter than i am already. I got up and put on a sports bra with a white tank top with some black shorts. I put on my socks and tennis shoes, put my hair up and was goin to go wake up Harry and tell him where i was goin. I got on the bed and i was goin to smack him (playfully) awake. I got my hand ready but, what i didnt expect him to do is... That he pulled me down on top of him and kissed me. When he stopped i laughed.

"Im goin to go out running in the park and maybe work out later ill be right back." I told him. His smile vanished.

"Megan i dont really want you to go out today especially without me. What if..."  But i cut him off.

"No what ifs. Im justing running. Why do you think i want to go? I want to go to be faster and a better fighter." I told him.

"But im supposed to protect you." He protested.

"But your not always gonna be there for me are you. Like what if I was cheating on you i cant have you be their with me if i wanted to have sex." I said. Then i saw his face and i started to laugh. "Im just kidding you know that. now im goin to go runnin and ill be back soon." I said as i kissed him goodbye.


 I just got back from running and for the 4th time this week I felt like throwing up. I ran into the house, up to the bathroom and threw up. Iv'e been throwin up alot lately even when i didnt even run. they think im sick. Today i only jogged while of course listening to One Direction. But again i felt sick i dont even know why? It started about 3 days ago. Ugh i also want to run cause it looks like i might be gainin some weight. With all this puking i probaly gonna lose all the extra weight. Ugh and of course they come running after to me. You think if i were running away that maybe I didnt want to talk to you. Danielle and Harry came running in.

"Again? You know you should stop running and working out until you get better?" Harry said.

"Ugh" i said as I threw up some more. I really didnt want Harry to see me puke so i told him to go get some water ready when i come down there.

"Ok but i'll be here if you need anything else." Then he left. I got up and started to brush my teeth then realized Danielle was still here.

"What?" I mumbled. Then i spit into the sink and said again"What?"

"How are you?" Danielle Said. Ugh, again. When people ask how you are they dont really want an anwser. They really want to just get on with their life and they really dont care how you really are.

"Im fine" I snapped. God I only wanted to fit in and now im throwing up every goddamn second. Ohh shit. Isnt that what pregnant girls do? Oh no im only 17 and Harry doesnt even do pregnant. He does one night stands and the other girls he dates. But pregnant? Oh i have to go.

"Um im gonna go outside and clear my head with some fresh air." I said with a fake smile plastered on my face. Ah hell!

I went outside then i started to walk to the pharamist. It was a couple blocks away and i just wanted to sleep. But I also really just wanted to get some fresh air. I walked for about 20 minutes until I was there. I went in and got an early pregnancy test. God i hope im wrong. I left and put it in my purse not wanting anyone to know until I know for sure. How was i even supposed to tell him. ah, hell im here. i walked in and it was only Louis out here with Zayn.

"Hey guys, I dont feel to good so im gonna go to bed. Goodnight" I said as i went up the stairs.

"Night, hope you feel better" They both said. Their so sweet. I went to the bathroom in Harry's room. Good he isnt here. Then i got the pregnancy test out and opened the box that could change my life.


I went downstairs and saw Louis and Zayn.

"Hey did Megan come back yet?" I asked.

"Ya she went to bed she wasnt feeling to good." Louis said.

"Thanks" i said.

I went into Harry's room and i saw that Megan was asleep on their bed. I walked over to the bed to wake her up and see if she wanted some medicine or sometin. But then i saw her purse. It had a pregnancy test box. why would she...Holy crap does she think shes pregnant she couldnt be...? So I have to wake her up now. So i woke her up. I cant wait to tell Jackie i always tell Jackie everything. Cept she isnt always quiet about secrets.

"Megan wake up" I said.

"Whaaat?" Megan said all sleepily. I picked up the box and waited for her reaction.


"How did you get that?" I asked masking any emotion.

"It was in your purse? Are you pregnant?"

"It was a positive." I said.

"So you and Harry had sex? When?' Danielle questioned.

"Not your business and we talked. And its not like it was the first time we had sex. Jeesh." I said in defense. It wasnt her business ,it was my business and i guess Harry's too.

"Ya you talked all right." She said.

"Well so it wasnt like its that big a deal sex is a part of life. And im not feeling good so i wouldnt be smart mouthing cause im gonna barf all over you and all you will do is be whining about having puke on you.  And you know you shouldnt be going in other peoples stuff. And why are you here anyway." I asked.

"Eww fine point taken. Gosh I dont know why pregnant people are always cranky. I didnt look in your purse I just saw it and i was wondering if its true. It could be wrong and i was here because i was going to ask if you wanted anything."

"No i dont want anything but wat i do want is to go to the doctors and since im awake im goin to the doctor. And since im pregnant your taking me shopping for matranity clothes. Oh and if you tell anyone that im pregnant im goin to kill you and it will be long and painful." I threatened.

"But you have to tell Harry you cant just not tell him." Danielle protested.

'Not buts. Im goin to tell him when its time. Bye." I said as I left the bedroom.


Ah, hell! its true im pregnant. I even have the flippen ulter sound. To early to tell if its a boy or girl. i hope its a boy no offense and all but boys are cuter as babies. I kept staring at the ultra sound. I kept saying in my head "Im pregnant. Im a mom. Harry Styles is the dad. Ah, hell." Over and over in my head. I have to tell Harry. Soon. i'll tell Harry soon. Or has long as Danielle can keep her mouth shut. I cant tell him. Im 17. I dont even have any parents. how am i even to tell the guys. They might even make fun of me for being big cause im pregnant. I wont tell him for as long as i can.


I was in the living room when Danielle came down. She went over to the the couch I was on took my hand and pulled me from the couch and away from Liam.

"Sorry, Liam. Sister talk now." Danielle said with a smile. We went into Danielle and Niall's bedroom and she locked the door. She turned on her Ipod up kinda loud so i gave her a questioning look.

"What?" I asked.

"You cant tell anyone ok? You have to promise me please I need to tell you. I always tell you everything or most things. Promise?" Danielle asked fast.

"What are you talking about? Why wat is it?"

"Just promise ok?" Danielle said.

"Promise. Now tell me ok?" I said. god she is irritating me now.

"Megan is..pregnant." Danielle said quietly and fast.

"What? With Harry?" I asked.

"Yes. Now Dont tell anyone i wasnt even supposed to tell you or even anyone. She would kill me." Danielle pleaded.

"Ok but why didnt she not even want me to know or Harry? He's the father she has to tell him."

"Idk but dont. She just came back with an ultru sound and its confirmed shes pregnant.' Danielle said.

"It that why you turned the music up?" I asked.


"You know shes gonna have to tell him" I said.

"I know she justs wants more time." Danielle said.


I showed Danielle the ultru sound. Now im in bed. I started to think about being a mom. And i started to cry. Im gonna be a terrible mother. i didnt grow up with parents. my Dad died after i was born and my mom died later on. By what my mom and wat i remmember of my dad he was an abbusive husband and father. My mom all she did was sleep around and she didnt even do a good job of raising me but it did make me stronger. Plus I dont know anything about babies besides the stuff in the movies. i dont have a mom or even a dad alive to help. Then thats when i went to sleep thinking about how i grew up and how i didnt want the baby to grow up like that either.










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