Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


9. Match makers<3


So i really hope it works out wit hMegan and Harry because she would really be a good thing in his life!I think i'm gonna call him make sure there's not a girl there.

"Hey harry it's Danielle you don't have any plans right." i asked

"Yea i have a girl over" he answered great my worst nightmare.

"Well throw it out because i got a suprise for you!"sounds right.

"Ok what's the suprise?"

can't say quite yet!" I teased.

"What does he have to throw out?"Megan asked.

"A....... dead......mouse he killed!" I lied but for a good cause right!?

~At Harry's~


Gosh im glad i get to go with them i need a break.  And i know Danielle was lying about the mouse im not stupid ok maybe at math. But i can tell when they lie to me.


"Hello" Harry answered

"Hey bro can we come in?" Niall asked

"Yea come in.......who is she!?" Harry asked stunned.

"This is Megan are friend we haven't seen ever since we left home!" Danielle explained

"That was only 2 days ago." Niall stated

"I know but i seems longer!" Jackie laughed.

"Hey!" she said.

"I'm Harry, very nice to meet you!" he said in that deep british charming vocie.

"Same" i say.

"Well we were just gonna hang downstairs!"  Liam said. I rolled my eyes at them. God cant anyone actually lie with out being so obvious that there lying.


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