Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


14. Hospital:(



It hurt so much to breath. I just wanted to stop and make the pain just go away but, then I thought of Liam and how much I loved him amd what I would do to everyone I loved by just letting go. So I kept hanging on. Once I woke up and heard the doctor saying that he was amazed that I had held on this long, that he beleived that only a miracle would save me. I decided to pipe up and say that my miracle was my Liam and my twin sister. He told me to hush and go back to sleep so I did. I finally awoke and couldn't go back to sleep so I looked around the room everyone was there. Danielle and Hannah just had minor cuts and bruises, Megan had a sling and a thing around her ribs, she also had bruises, you could tell who got the worse because I was still in a bed and still hooked up to machines. We all had bandadages around our wrists, Cane and Rick tied them that tight. No one noticed that I had woken up so I sat and listened.

"I am was so worried about you! And then when he went in for another swing. I just couldn't watch anmore!"

"Aww Harry,(I think Megan leaned in for a kiss then) I love you."

"I love you too Megan. Hey Liam we are going to get some food for everyone."

"Oh ok Harry," Liam said distantly,"Get some for Jackie too, Doc said she should be wakeing up fully soon"

"Sure mate." Harry said then he and Megan left.

I couldn't hear anyone else. They were too far away. I decided to take a few more peaceful minutes to myself.

"Hey Liam?" He jumped almost half way across the room. I thought it looked cute and funny it hurt to giggle but then it felt good at the same time. He rushed over to my bed and took my hand. He looked so releived. It made me blush.


Jackie looked peaceful. I knew she was awake because when ever she was in the comma I could see like her spirit it was freaky at first I almost had a heart attack the first time I saw her like that. I think I gave Niall a heart attack too because I had him rush me to the hospital. I thought she was dead and that I could only see her because I was her twin. Which was true but when I got there and saw that she was still breathing I gave a big sigh of relief. Anyway I didn't want to mention that she was awake because I knew she didn't like people fretting over her. Don't think that she doesn't like being the center of attention trust me she does but not when she is injured. She is just stuborn that way.

"Hey Liam?" Was the first thing she said I thought it was kind of funny that he almost pissed himself and Jackie thought soo too.

Liam looked so happy that he was the first thing she thought about. I couldn't help being a little jealous but then my first thought was Niall.


She looked so peaceful and beautiful. Even in the state she was in I just wanted to hold her as tight as I could. But I knew it would couse her pain and that I didn't want. I wanted her to wake up like the Doc said she should just so I could know how she was feeling and make her as comfortable as possible.

"Hey Liam?" I almost pissed my self she sacred me.

I thought she was sleeping but she wasn't just listening. It kimd of irratated me but then I knew even though she liked to be the center of attention that she hated being fused over when she was hurt. I made her laugh right wheb she woke up ehich made me feel good.


"Liam can you get me a glass of water? Please?" "Anything for my angel! "Do you want anything specific? Harry and Megan went out for food. I'll ring them if you want something."

"I want something specific but they can't give it to me." Liam looked a little confused but then he got it and he turned pink.

He came over and gave me the most deepest and passionate kiss I have ever had. When he started pulling away I pulled him so I could whisper in his ear, "I want something even more when I get out of this boring place." He blushed even more and he looked sooo cute.

Danielle cleared her throat in a way that Danielle could only do to say I am in the room let's keep things PG-13. I glared at her but then I laughed it brought back good memories. I was so happy but then I thought of the reason that I was in this hospital. Cane. He did this I wanted to get him back badly but knew I couldn't.

It was disapointing knowing that I couldn't I was knid of hoping that Danielle would think of something but then agian I didn't I knew the feds had enough proof now that Megan and I looked like this. I hoped he spent the rest of his life in jail.


She was so happy when she woke up but then I could tell she thought of Cane. I really wanted to kill him. He broke Jackie I could tell that when she got home she wouldnt be the same. I hope I can make the pain go away at least enough that she wont think about it. I couldnt think of anything to say so I just climbed into the bed with her after I got her the water.

I could she wanted out of here but I wanted her to get better first. I knew she was strong and that she wasn't showing any of the pain that she was feeling. I could tell through her smile that she was trying to be strong and not make us worry. It wasn't working for me.


I could tell everyone was worried I put on my best smile for everyone.

3 weeks later...

I could tell Danielle thought I was over dramatic when I fell to the floor to kiss it but I had to. Liam laughed and picked me up and kissed me. It felt good to not be in pain. I said I was hungry and Liam practically droped me on my butt. Danielle stood there cracking up and Niall tried to shut her up but he just couldn't. Megan was cracking a smile trying to hold it back. They both looked like dorks. Harry, Zayn and Louis were also on the floor but they were laughing I decided to teach them not to laugh at me.

"Liam I am going to make lunch." I annouce,

"Are you sure? If your too tired.."

"Liam I am not a baby."


I make lunch a really yummy one. BLT's with smoothie's and frie's for Liam, Megan, Niall and me. When I called everyone down for lunch they all stopped because they relized there wasn't enough for everyone. I smile and hand out the plates. Niall starts cracking up when he sees what I did.

"She sure showed you guys. Yum this looks good! Thanks Jackie" Niall says when I give him his plate

"You should learn not to laugh at me." I say

"Oh come on Jackie lighten up!" Zayn whines.

"Oh ok fine but you have to go up to your rooms...Theres some clues as too where you will find your lunch."


Everyone looks shocked but I just laugh. I find it histaricle when she gets mad. After 20 minutes everyone is done with their lunch and clean up. Everyone has plans out of the house ecept for me and Liam. HMMM what a coinkedink. I think. I look at him and see he is having troubles holding himself together...

He picks me up and carrys me to the bedroom we are kissing and undressing at the same time. It felt so good...


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