Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


17. Happy Bithday!


It is mine and Danni's B-Day I didn't know that the boys knew. But I found out when I woke up this morning to them carrying Danielle into my room and singing Happy Birthday...poorly for profesional singers who already have an album out... Liam was smileing carrying in a plate of pancakes with chocolate syrup on top because you know Niall can't be trusted with food.

We dig into the pancakes no one caring about the mess that we are making because we have people to clean up our messes. (SNOBS!) I haven't heard from Aunt Lisa in forever and it was a little shocking when she txted Liam's fan phone telling him to tell me and Danielle happy birthday.

It was surprising. For both me and Danielle. The boy obviously had something special planned for us but wouldn't tell us anything except that we would love it and that it was a surprise. We got dressed and went shopping because we needed something special for tonight. Louis came with us to advise on what to wear. Danielle got capries with rips up and down the sides and a rlly cute and slightly fancy grern tank top and some blue converse to go with. I got a cute jean skirt that frayed at the hem and a strapless red and black striped shirt and some of those converse that go all the way up your calf(I didn't want to be too fancy) we didn't match but then we also didn't clash. It was Megans turn she was getting a little big but not much and somehow Harry didn't notice. We had to be careful about her outfit. It couldn't be tight around the tummy but it couldn't be too baggy. I found a perfect light blue dress and thankfully Megan loved it. It was tight on the top and flowed out before her tummy. She looked perfect in it with some black sparkly flats her outfit was finished. We left the store in our outfits and met the rest of the boys at a restaurant. They got up and gave us hugs and complimented us on our outfits.

"This is not the surprise! We swear it is something way better. Louis good job with the outfits!" Liam said,

"When will we find out?" I asked very curious to see what they had planed.

"After dinner, and changing clothes because sksirts and dressss are inappropriate for this such thing," Harry stated,

"Umm guys I am really tired and I don't feel too I think I will sit this one out. Sorry." Megan put in

"Megan you are always tired and throwing up! Whats worng the doc. said you didn't want me knowing so he couldn't tell me...I am really worried about you!" Harry complained,

"Harry I want to but I can't so please can we drop this for now, I promise you'll find out soon." Megan calmly told Harry.

"Hello my name is Lisa and I will be your waitress for tonight, What can I gt you guys to drink?" Lisa asks

"I will have a coke and so will she," Liam ordered for cute!

"Same for us too," Niall tells the waitress,

"I will have a water," Megan says

"Me too," Harry says,

"I will have chocolate milk," Louis says matter of factly

"That sounds good Louis, I will have chocolate milk too and put a little extra chocolate in it too, please." Zayn requests


I could tell Harry ws upset with me bet I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't know how he would react. If he would just leave me all alone or be over proteetive and not let me do anything. I might be a little to oparanoid but I can't help it! After my life has been, a bunch of people leaving me for other people and letting me take care of myself even when I was really young.

It hurt me to keep this from him but I just didn't want to find out what he would do. Jackie looked so beautiful and she had so much self confidence just like Danielle, though Jackie was a little more sluty than Danielle ok a lot but that is why I love Jackie. They both aired confidence but always knew when to be shy. I was so jealous of them they were always so good at keeping boys close but not too close to where they would get bored.

I could never be like them, Harry loved me though. I think. Yes he loves me I  just don't know what he will think about having a child this young and with his career too...So worried good thing dinner was alomst over I wanted to crash. I had to make it through the night though proove to everyone that I could. More myself than them but oh well.



I could tell that Megan was beat. I was trying to think of something that I could do that would hurry things up. I couldn't think of anything. I looked over at Jackie but I couldn't catch her eye. She and Liam were talking to each other. It was like they were in their own little world. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and look into the prettiest blues eyes. I melted for like the gazilionth time in this relationship.

"Hey you look worried or more distracted I guess is better." Niall stated.

"No, I..I guess I am with everything that is happening...It is just so much and I am really worried about Megan." I replied.

"It is all going to be ok! I promise. Now about your birthday gift..." He was hesitant I got a little worried.

"Yes?" I ask with a sly smile.

"So I was thinking that maybe you should come with me on our next tour..."

"NIALL!!! THAT IS AMZAYN!!" I almost scream.

"I heard my name." Zayn leans over and says.

"Oh ya Jackie uses it all the time so I guess it sticks sorry." I smile.

"Well you don't seem happy at all." Zayn states smiling back.

I was very happy I couldn't beileve that Niall had said anything like that. He never likes talking about the future. It is like he thinks that if I think about it too much I might leave him. Which I won't but when I say it it is like he doesn't even hear me. I finish eating right before the waitress comes to get the plates. We all get up and get in the limo.

When we get out next I am totally not expecting this. There is a walkway lit with candles and at the end a cute little cottage! Niall lead me into the house and straight to the bed. Hesitantly he kissed me but I was tired of waiting for him to take control. I started with takeing off his clothes. Then I let him do the rest.


We stop and Danielle and Niall get out. I didn't see anything else because Liam covered my eyes. The next stop was ours. I wasn't expecting the walkway lit with candles and a danty little cottage at the end. Liam takes my hand and leads me down the walkway and into the cottage. Right when the door closes he starts kissing me. It felt so good. His hands slipped under my skirt. I was rethinking the idea then stopped caring it felt too good.

He picked me up and carryed me to the bed. He gently laid me down and laid on top of me. I took of his shirt and that was obviously the signal to him that I was ready. He took my skirt off and then off came the shirt. He stopped. We both were breathing hard. I smiled and he smiled back. He had the most sexiest smile!

"Let's have desert before going any farther." He said and got up and went through the door.

I folowed close behind. He opened the freezer and I sat on the counter. I had lost a lot of weight after my mom died. Cane didn't feed us anything but scraps. I had put some back on with the boys enough that I didn't look anerexic anymore. I didn't have a tummy so I was perfectly fine in my bra and undies. He scooped out the icecream and we ate it sitting on the bed I put my bowl on the night stand and he put his on the floor and we were again kissing mostly all clothes gone except my bra...

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