Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


12. First Time with someone special!


I get home and i'm thinking to my self how lucky i am to be where i am and with the people i love and actually love me back!:)

"Hey i'm gonna go shower" i told niall.

"Ok i'm gonna go shower too"

I just gave him a weird look.

"I mean shower but somewhere else!" Niall said and blushing.

"I know i was just playing, but hurry i owe you something!" I stated winking.

"OK!"He said sounding so happy!

I hope were not moving to fast but for some reason i feel like we will be together for a long time.Of course he's not done so i get dressed in silk shorts and a t-shirt and go to the bathroom he's in and listen to him sing. He's is so amazing. I go back to the room and if phone starts to ring it says.....Lauren who is she why is she calling him? It probaly a fan but why would a fan be saved in his phone. So i........answer it!

"Hello?"I said kinda calm at first.

"Hey who's this!"she asked

"Danielle Niall's girlfriend!"i answered and that's when Niall walked in calm and asked.....

"Who is it?"I asked very angerly!

"Lauren" the girl responded. And i mouthed her name to him.

"I told her to leave me alone!"Niall stated.

"Bye" I said to the girl on the phone.

"Who is she?"I questioned.

"This girl i meet on tour who i talked to and she seemed cool so we traded numbers and now she's just plain insane!"

"Oh" i said feeling really stupid, and rude.

"Yea don't worry" he said getting close and pulling me in by my hips"I only love you!"

"So you don't think were moving to fast"

"Not at all i love you that's all that matters"he said with his lips approching mine.

"I love you too" I implied.

Then i closed the door and turned off the light and i pushed my body against his. He pulled me onto him on the bed.I pulled the covers over us and we got lost in the moment.I woke up in the morning thinking nothing could go wrong when..............


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