Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


10. Deja Vu


"Night guys we'll be over tomorrow" Harry said to us.

"Night" Megan said.

"Night"Me and Jackie said.

~In the Car on are way.....home I can call it home right.~

I think there cute i just hope Harry does to. I don't want him to play here and then though her out like the other trashy girls that he's dated before.

"Harry has played trashy girls he better not play her!" I stated.

"Some of them were hot." Niall mumbled.

"Great. So am i trashy to you or is it that i'm a ugly non-trashy girl!?"

"I would be wise about your answer!" Jackie added.

"No i love you, your beautiful, not trashy at all !"Niall replied.

"Great answer!" I said smiling.

~At HOME!~

"Night" Liam and Jackie saaid running up the stairss before we could say no.

"Looks like someone is going to get action!" Niall  said and winked

"Yah not you"I said teasingly.

"Yea i know" he said depressed.

"Night sleep tight" He said giving me a hug and a good night kiss.

"Night" i said slipping in my bed, he's still on the pull out couch

~1:00 am~

"No,no cane i can't can't breathe ow your hurting me" i said in my sleep.

"Danielle your ok it's fine no ones hurting you i'm right here it's ok!" Niall said comforting me and it worked.

"He's coming for us he's gonna hurt us!" i whispered to him.

"No he won't not when i'm around"

"Can you sleep with me from know on i'm......" i didn't want to say it but, "i'm scared."

"Yea of course anything for you!"he said wrapping his strong warm arms around me.

i fell asleep real fast with him there beside me!



"Morning"Danielle said greeting me with breakfest in bed.

"Wow this is one of my favoritee thing to do in bed!"

"Oh yea what else" Danielle asked like she didn't already know.

"You" i said pulling her in by her hips on top of me!

"Morning you too" Harry and Megan said walking in on 'nothing'.

"Morning" We replied really fast

"So what you guys do last night"

"Talk and got to now each other enough that i'm moving in with him" Megan said.

"That's great!"I added.


"What was that?"I asked

"I don't know?" I could tell Danielle was scared.

"Danielle help it's cane!"Jackie screamed.

"Oh no ! Come on Megan!" Danielle said crying.

"Don't go" I added.

"I have to it's my sister" Danielle screamed

They ran down the hallway and i called the cops.

"HURRY!"Jackie yeld.


"I thought you didn't know where they were you whore." Cane called me a whore? oh no he didn't.

"You just called me a whore? My parents are dead which i blame on you and thats all you got. thats real mean." I said sarcasticly then thats when i punched him and gave him a bloody nose.

Harry pulled me away and kissed me and that's whe nthe cops came in and took cane to jail.

"I hope that's the last of him!" Danielle said.

"Well ill be happy to give him a bloddy nose again." I said and everyone laughed.



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