Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


19. Check up!:)



 I was sitting on a white bed, scared. Worried. I was still in the hospitial, the doctors and nurses testing me. But I wasn't scared or worried about that, its the baby I'm worried about. I just told Harry about the baby, I'm scared that he won't want anything to do with me or the baby. When I told him, he was in a state of shock, I didn't even get to talk to him because right then the nurses had everyone leave for some testing. I know Harry loves me but its just, I have already been through so much and the baby... I mean I'm only 17, almost 18, but thats just so young to have a baby. Ever since I have came into this relationship, everything bad is happening. What if I got depressed and killed myself? I've tried that many times, but I ended up never having the guts to do it. Im already getting so much hate from the fans, but I don't tell anyone how much it hurts me. I never really cared about what people say or think about me since the fans didn't know me, but I always was the person who did care about it. I think it would be better to leave. I think everyone would get so much hate if they found out I'm pregnant with Harry Styles baby. They would think I'm in it for the money, the fame, they would call me a whore and a slut. I don't think I would be able to handle having the whole world calling me that and I especially don't want the baby to deal with people saying his or her mom is a slut. But...I grew up with out a dad and I don't want the little boy or girl to grow up with out a dad either, that would be selfish of me. I don't even know what gender the baby is! I'm such a horrible mother! I sigh, thats when the nurse came in.

"Hello Megan, we got the results back," She said.

"Is the baby okay?" I ask quickly, I would never forgive myself if the baby died or got injured.

"The babies fine, the baby is healthy. But... your not, I have some things to tell you. I have to give you medicine that  you have to take everyday in the morning. It is to help the pain in your head, and you are to check in here if anything new comes up or if your head hurts worse. Okay?" She said.

"Okay thanks," I say. "But whats wrong with me?"

"We are not certain yet, but we do know that your head was hit very hard. Thats why you are to come back if anything new happens." She says matter of factly.

"Okay thanks,' I say but then I remember the girls and the guys. "Wait, are my friends still here?" I ask.

"Yes, they are waiting outside. Do you want me to send them in?" She asked.

"No, no! Umm I was hoping if you could give me a few minutes to think to myself right now, just a minute or two, please?" I plead.

"Okay. Oh and here is the medicine, take them right when you wake up and heres the prescription," the nurse says handing me the medicine bottle.

"Thanks," I say giving her a fake smile. She left the room and I could faintly hear her telling everyone that I'll be ready to leave in a few minutes, and that they can't enter the room at the moment. Thank you. I sigh to myself, figuring out a way to deal with everyone. I know I'll already get a lecture from everyone. I'll have to talk to Niall later. He was the best one to understand me. I go up to the sink that was in here and start to change the bandage on my forehead. It was bleeding but it wasn't to bad, but I did slam my head hard, now my head hurts like hell. They already gave me medicine for my headache but it wasn't helping. Focus Megan. Okay...Harry. What do I do? I guess I'll just wing it. Now I have to deal with the headache, can life get anymore worse? I got my stuff ready, hiding the medicine bottle so no one would worry to much. I opened the door and walked out to see very worried friends of mine. But I was only looking for Harry's face. He was the one that was most important right now. Harry looks up and into my eyes for a few brief seconds. His eyes were all red, puffy and in them were anger, worry, disappointment and shock before he looked away at the ground again. Danielle and Jackie came running up to me and hugged me tight asking if I was okay.

"Im fine, but can we go now, I'm tired," I said in a bored and tired tone. Everyone mumbled yea's and ok's before we walked to the van, Harry still looking at the ground, quickly walking as everyone got into the van. Harry was riding shotgun, Liam was driving and the guys were all quiet. Danielle and Jackie kept giving me looks saying that I should talk to Harry right away, but all I did was lay my head down and listen to the beat of my pounding headache, then fell asleep. I faintly heard the car stop and people talking but I was to tired to do anything. The next thing I know I'm being picked up, carried out of the van and into mine and Harry's house. I knew who was carrying me, it was Harry, I could tell by his cologne and his body. He gently laid me down in our bed, kissed my lips and whispered something that I barely heard. But I caught everything.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He whispered, before softly singing Little Things to me, making me go into a deeper sleep. I woke up and looked around the room, no one was here. I looked over and reliazed that it was dark outside so I looked over to the clock that read 11:30 p.m. I really slept for 6 hours? I am still tired too. I quietly walked over to the door and faintly heard Niall's loud mouth. I opened the door and crept down the stairs to listen on their conversation.

"She didn't tell us! Danielle and Jackie did-"

"Exactly she told them before she told me! She could have told me sooner," Harry whisper yelled, cutting off Liam.

"She didn't know she was gonna get into a car crash," Zayn said calmly.

"But you guys kept it from me! You didn't even tell me!"

"It wasn't our secret to tell," Liam said.

"I just wish I would have known before my girlfriend got into a car crash with my baby! How far is she-" Harry whisper yelled before Liam cut him off.

"Quiet down Harry we don't want to wake up-" I came down all the way.

"Its to late for that Liam. Harry I didn't tell Danielle, she was snooping around and found the pregnancy box, then she told Jackie and you already know how that worked out." Everyone looked at me with ashamed, shocked and surprised written all over their faces. "I didn't tell you because...well it doesn't matter. I wanted to tell you but not in this way." I snapped.

"Then when were you gonna tell me," Harry said softly.

"I don't know! I'm actually surprised you didn't guess by now. I'm fricken fat! I can't even fit into my jeans anymore so I'm stuck wearing sweats and hoodies, I feel like I have to throw up every fucking second!" I rant while pointing at my sweats and hoodie, I have on. I sigh and stomp upstairs, locking the door to mine and Harry's room. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, but I just layed on my bed looking at the ceiling, into the distance while having my hand on my stomach. I could hear them trying to get the door open, then they stopped trying, probaly having relized that its locked. I groan out in pain. My head hurts and I always feel like throwing up!!! I just start to massage my head, to try and help it, the fight just made my head hurt worse.

"Megan, can I come in please?" I heard Danielle and Jackie call out.

"I really just don't want to talk right now," I yell back.

"Please? At least talk to someone!" Danielle yells back through the door.

"No! I don't want too! I just want to sleeeeep!" I draw out.

"You already slept for 6 hours!" Jackie complained.

"Well, I'm pregnant and I got into a car crash, I derserve to at least have some sleep!" I yell getting fusterated.

"Were coming in!" Louis yells. Shit. They have a key. Uhhhhh.

"Fine I'll talk, but only one person gets to come in here," I say while going to the door.

"Harry should," I heard outside.

"No! I don't want to talk to Harry right now," I yell back. It was to late, they unlocked the door and shoved Harry through. Harry shut the door and turned to me. I figured its better to get this over with already, so I go to our bed and sit down. Harry comes over and sits next to me.

"Before you say anything, just listen. I didn't tell you because I thought that you might leave me, I thought that you didn't want to be the girlfriend of a pregnant girl because you'll all big and famous. Also because...I'm not ready to be a mom." I started to tear up now. "I didn't grow up like you did, I didn't have all the things I needed and I don't want our child to grow up, with people hating him or her because they think I'm just pregnant with you because of the fame and the money. Most of all, I think I was...just scared to have a baby," By now I was crying and my headache was the worst I thought it could get. I was looking at Harry, when he lifted his hand and brushed away my tears. I smiled a weak smile at him.

"I'm not mad. I guess I was just shocked, to know that you were pregnant and everyone kept it from me. I didn't notice all those things because I love you no matter how you look. I want to be there for my child, but I want you to know that I love you and that I would never leave you. Ever. Your my one and only but just know that you can tell me anything," Harry said then he kissed me softly on the lips.  

"I'm sorry," I softly say.

"Don't be. I'm the one who's sorry," Harry smiled and said, "how far are you into the pregnancy?"

I laugh, touch my stomach and say, "I think about 3 and 1/2 months." Harry looks down at my stomach and touches it with me.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a dad. I always thought that Liam or Louis would be a dad before I would," Harry said with a laugh. I laughed too.

"I never thought I'd be a mom at 17, I thought I'd at least be in my twenties."

"Do you know the gender yet?" Harry asked me, looking straight into my eyes.

"No, I wanted to wait until I decided to tell you," I say.

"Good. I'm glad you did. Do you want a girl or boy?" He asked me.

"Boy. There so much cuter at babies, plus I always wanted to have an older brother who will beat anyone up for me if I was picked on," I say.

"Ya I want a boy too." Harry agreed. "Do you want to go downstairs and watch a movie or something?" I got up to leave but I got really nausated.

"No I dont feel-" I say, but then run to the bathroom and throw up in the toliet. Harry followed behind me, pulled my hair back and was rubbing my back. When I was done, I sat on the floor and had my head against the toliet.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked concerned.

"No I'm just gonna go sleep. You go ahead and watch a movie with everyone else, let them know we made up and stuff." I say.

"But I really think-"

"No just go, its just because I'm pregnant, its okay. I'm okay. Now go downstairs," I say getting up from the bathroom floor, get my toothbrush out and start to brush my teeth. When I was done, I turned to Harry.

"Go. Now." I point to the door. He sighs.

"Okay," He says kissing me before he left. When he shut the door I sighed and colasped on the bed. I wanted more of Harry. God, pregnancy hormones. Grrr. And what the fuck is with my headache! Why won't it go away! The pills. I go up to my purse and take the bottle out. I don't care what the nurse says, I need to make my headache go away! I get one pill out and take it with the sink water. I really just wanted it to go away! I was walking over to go to the bed, before I started to get woozy. My eyes started getting all fuzzy, and something was dripping from my nose. I put my hand by my nose and notice that it had blood all over my hand. I had a bloody nose. I was trying to go to the sink when my head got hit with a pounding boulder. It felt as if someone was smashing it with a truck repeatedly. Thats when everything went black.


I was glad that me and Megan made up. I just wanted to have her in my arms right now but she didn't feel good. I feel like a really bad boyfriend since I didn't stay with her but I wanted to respect her, everyone was happy to hear that we made up. I have been thinking about proposing to Megan even before I knew she was pregnant but now that I know she is, I defiantly want to propose to her. I just don't know how or when. Not with everything going on right now anyways. We put in The Last Song and before it started I went upstairs to check on Megan. I opened the door and didn't see her on the bed until I looked down and saw Megan bleeding with a big pool of blood everywhere. I ran up to Megan and checked for her pulse. She was still breathing, good. I ran over to the bathroom and grabbed a rag and tried to wipe some of the blood away from her face but it still kept coming.

"Someone help!" I yell over and over as I pick Megan up and carry her downstairs.

"Whats wrong?"

"Ahh! What happened?" Everyone was saying.

"Guys we have to get Megan to a hospitial quick. Shes bleeding bad." I say. Danielle and Jackie were bawling but opened the door to our house, Liam got the keys to the van and Louis and Niall helped me with Megan. We got into the van and I put Megan's head on my lap.

"What the hell happened? I thought you made up, not beat her?" Louis said.

"Louis stop joking. I went upstairs and saw her like that. Its probaly from the car crash!" I yelled. "Oh my god! Why didn't I think about that before. She didn't feel good but she said it was from pregancy. I'm so stupid!" I yell.

"No your not. We wouldn't have known either." Louis comforted. I just looked down at Megan's face trying to stop the bleeding with the rag I got from the bathroom. But it didn't stop, it kept going. We arrived at the hospitial and rushed in.

"We need a doctor!" I yelled. Nurses and doctors came rushing over to me and took Megan out of my hands and put her on a gurney. I tried to stay with her but the nurses stopped me.

"No I have to go with-"

"I'm sorry sir but you can't," the nurse told me.

"Come on Harry we'll wait out in the waiting room," Liam said pulling me to the waiting room. I couldn't just leave her.

"Liam I cant just leave her!" I yell.

"Were not! Were waiting and having hope thats she's all right," Liam says. I go with Liam and sit down in the chairs but I could hardly sit so I just paced instead. I was really worried about her.

"Harry you need to sit and not pace like a crazy person," Zayn said.

"I'm not crazy, I'm just worried," I say in defense.

"I said you were pacing like a carzy person not that you are one," He said while smirking. I was getting really worried and thank god that a nurse came out at that time or I think I would have exploded!

"Are you here for Megan Smith?" she said. 

"Yes we are. Is she okay? Whats wrong?" I ask quickly.

"I think I should show you. We don't think she will make it. So were letting you stay in the operating room," She says apoligeticly. I think my heart stopped in those few seconds. Megan's dying. No! She can't be.

"What room is she in!" Everyone yells in unison.

"Just follow me," She said as she was quickly jogging to an operating room. We got their and we went in an room thats attached to the operating room with a window to look at Megan with. We could hear and see everything! Her body was motionless. The nurse left the room but before she did she told us one thing.

"You might want to say your goodbye's now," Then she left. I just cried. She couldn't die. My baby couldn't die.

"Harry, Megan's going to be okay. She's a fighter, she's going to come through." Danielle said.

"I hope," and then I just watched and hoped. I hoped that Danielle was right. Thats when I heard the beeping going down. The beeping machines started beeping faster and faster. That only meant one thing. She was dying. We were all listening to the doctors very carefully.

"Get me a paddle."

" Doctor she's pregnant, if we paddle we might have a chance of losing the baby." One of the nurses said. I can't lose them both.

"Doctor, her pulse is dropping we need to stop the bleeding now."

"Fine do CPR we'll try to get her back that way." The doctor yelled! That's when the doctor started pumping his hands over her heart to get it beating again.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEPP! When I heard that beep, I think part of me died. I thought that there was no hope anymore. I turned around and saw everyone bawling and hugging eachother.

"Come on! Get her pulse back up!" The doctor yelled.

"Don't go," I whispered, hoping that Megan could somehow hear it.


I felt like I was floating on top of everything. I couldn't really see anything, my eyes were glued to the ceiling of the operating room, like I was looking past everything. Until everything went white and then black. I thought I might have been sleeping until a bright light started coming towards me. It started to get bigger and bigger. I didn't know if this was death or not but I was ready. I didn't hurt anymore. I reached my hands out when the light stopped getting brighter. It felt so warm. I was going to go inside its warmth until I heard something, or more importantly a someone.

"Don't go," the voice whispered. I didn't know who's the voice belonged to so I turned towards the light again. I was ready to go wherever it may lead me. Until I heard something else. A baby? I looked around and didn't see any baby.

"Momma," A voice of a baby boy said. I looked around frantic that a baby was here. Until my whole surrounding changed. I was in Harry and I's house.

"Momma," a baby said again. I turn around and see a baby boy with really dark brown curly hair and a dimple on his cheek. He looked so famaliar to me but I couldn't place who he reminded me of. He looked about 3 years old. I walk over to him and sit with him on his blanket, I take a hold of his hand and smile at him.

"Where's your mom," I say to him.

"Here," He said. I look around the room but I didn't see another person here.

"No one's here besides me," I say. Thats when it clicked in my head. I was his momma. "Im your momma," I say. He nods his head.


"My momma died. She gave up, so now I'm here too."

"What? I couldn't have given up. I would never if I was pregnant," I say. But the boy only disappeared before my eyes.

"Thats our child there," said an old lady's sweet voice. I turn around and see an old lady sitting in a rocking chair.

"Our child?" I asked puzzled.

"Yes our child. I'm you. But an older version." My eyes were wide now.

"But how can I..." I trailed off, being as of I'm out of words.

"Don't think about it to much it will give you a headache. We don't have much time here if you want that little boy of yours to come true." I nod my head, indicating that I'm listening. "I pulled through at the hospitial that day, and I had him." Then an image came up of a boy, the little boy that was here a few seconds ago except it showed him growing older, like a timeline with different events. Me giving birth to him, with a guy who was the father. Again he looked so...Harry!

"Harry! I remember now. How could I ever forget you Harry."

"Indeed. Thats our husband. Think of him Megan. Think of our child." I looked back to the wall of images and continued watching. He was going to his first day of school. Riding his bike for the first time. Teaching him how to talk and walk. Going to Middle school. Family vacations, his sport games, prom, homecoming, him getting married, having kids with his beautiful wife. Me being a Grandma. And finally when the right time came, I died peacefully.

"See how the world is going to change if you stay here. If you die the balance will be lost and look at what will happen." I look to the images. When I died in the room Harry went crazy. He was crying until he started yelling at everyone. He was blaming them for me dying. everyone started getting depressed and started going down all the wrong roads.But everything became really hard to hear.

"Whats happening," I asked the future me.

"Times running out. You have to choose now. " Then she was gone like my son was. Except a white light was taking up where she stood. It was getting bigger and bigger. No! I can't die, not now.

"How do I choose?" I said before the light swallowed me with it making everything black and wiping all my memories from this place.


I couldn't watch this anymore. I couldn't watch Megan die. My child die. There was no hope for her coming back. I just cried, watching and waiting. Right when I thought nothing could get any better it did. I barley heard what Megan said.

"Harry," she said. That gave me the hope that she did hear me and she was fighting for her life.

"She's alive! She said Harry!" Danielle cheered.

"Doctor, she's breathing."One of the nurses said.

"Okay guys, get her into a room, she is not stable yet, we only put her into a coma. Make sure to check the baby, we need to know if the baby is healthy and well." the doctor orderd.

"Megan's alive!" Louis said coming over and giving me a hug. Everyone else soon followed after. But I knew it wasn't the end for it, becasuse Megan is in a coma.

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