Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


11. Carnival! 8)


"Hey babe let's go buy some outfits for the carnival tonite!" i said.

"i can just where what i have!"Megan replied.

"No you and the girls are going shopping!"i told her

"Aww thanks babe i owe you"she promise ans sealed with a kiss

"Maybe tonite in bed"i stated.

"Maybe" she teased. She said with a look that said not yes, but hell yes for tonight.


"Hey babe you are going shopping with the girls!" i told her.

"Are you sure?"She asked.

"Yea where going to the carnival later!"i replied.


"Here"i said handing here my credit card.

"No i can't i have money!"she refused.

"Take it"i shoved it in her hand.

"Thanks babe love you, hey buy some protection i have some plans tonite?"she said very sexy.


"Let's go ladies"I screamed.

"OK" Megan and Danielle answered.

~At the mall~

"Where to first" I asked.

"I don't know anywhere i geuss"Danielle replied.

"Oh how about this store" Megan said pointing to dots.

"Yea they have cute clothes!" Danielle added.

"Ok i'm trying on this blue one."Danielle justified.

"OK then i'll try on this red and black one then."Megan decided.

"Oh i call this green one."I said picking this one out.

"I would fuck us,"i said laughing

"I'd date us,"megan snickered

"I'd marry us!"Danielle smiled saying.

"Here we want these ones!"Danielle stated handing them to the girl behind the counter.

"Thank you have a nice day!"the cashier said.

"Shoe time!"I screamed


"I like these white sandles!"i said.

"I'm gonna get those ones but in black!"Megan added

"Look at these one's they are sparkly and they are now mine!" Jackie said all giggly.

"Ok let's go!"Megan told us.

"Carnival time!"Jackie screamed.

~At home~

"Let's put on these dresses and go ladies" Jackie said all mothery.

"Ok hurry don't wanna be late the boys are preforming in and hour!"I addded.

~15 mins.~

"Let's go" Liam screamed.

Then we all jumped in the car, and got a move on to thte gig!



"OK so you boys know the plan, right" he questioned.

"Yes"Harry and Niall agreed.

"I feel alone" Louis said to Zayn.

"I know but not for long"Zayn added.

~After singing~

"Ok guys we would like to....."I started.

"Introduce you to are....."Harry addded.

"GIRLFRIENDS!" Niall screamed.

And that's when we had Jackie, Danielle, and Megan come out they were so happy and suprised.

"Bye we love you all"All the boys said at the same time.

"So what ride first?"I asked

"How about the merry-go-round?" Zayn suggested.

"He's scared of roller-coasters"Niall implied.

"Am not!" Zayn argued.

"Oh yea then go get on this roller-coaster with us!"Niall said all bad boyish. It was cute!

"Fine" he stuttered.

~In line for the ride~


"OK if Niall goes wiht Danielle, Megan and Harry, Jackie and Liam, then me and lou."Zayn explained

"I don't think so lou is riding with that girl!"Jackie pointed out.

"Well just ride with that girl with the beautiful redish cherry hair."Megan told him.

"OK"I agreed.

~On the ride~

I can't belive i'm doing this.OMFG i'm gonna die alone and there will be no one direction omg that can't happen i'll tell the bo-. Omg the ride started crap!Just close your eyes i told myself.

"Exuse me are you Zayn from one direction?"The girl asked.

"YES"I screamed because of the ride.

"I love you guys!"She yeld

"Thanks I love you i's the ride it's got me all messed up."I stuttered

~Ride over~

"See Zayn wasn't that fun" Danielle asked.

"Yea that girl was amazing!"Zayn answered

"Well then maybe you should help her!"Liam interupted. And points to the girl and a boy pulling her by her arm then pushing her against the wall and forcing her to kiss him!

~Zayn walks up to them~

"Excuse me id there a problem here?"I asked.

"Yea you pretty boy getting in the way of me and my girl!"He answered.

"I'm not your girl you don't own me!"The girl told him.

"Shut up red" and he tightens his grib on her.

"Let go and there will be no problem"I said calmly.

"Fine here have her i'm done with her! He said letting go of her.

"Thanks i'm Hannah."she answered


His eyes made me melt inside and that accent 'faint'!

"No problem here's my number if you ever need to get a hold of me!"he told me and handed me a peice of paper.

"What if i don't need you but want you?"i asked blushing as red as my hair.

"That's fine too bye"He answered.

~We left and went home!~










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