Forever Running-The Great Escape!

This is about the lovely boy band and all the members falling in love. Niall finds these twin sisters running from nothing but lies and then there lives take a enourmous turn! read to find out more!


18. Car crash!:'(

I new i was for sure ready for this day to come he got this cottage for us. I hope he's the one not because he's LIAM PAYNE, but because he's Liam......Payne the sensitive hottie.


"This is so romantic" I said hugging him and placing my forhead on his forhead.

"I hoped you would say that" He said and started kissing me.

I stopped not wanting to, but i had a question.

"How long are we staying?" I asked him.

"As long as you want" He said hugging me tighter.

"Fine were never leaving" I laughed.

"As long as I have you!"He said kissing me and pushing me on to the couch by the fire then i got a call.......

"Hello" I said.

"Is your fridge running?" A guy asked.

"LOUIS" I screamed laughing and then i hung up. And started we started were we left off before we were interupted. We he was rubbing my legs will he was kissing my neck then i took off his shirt, he took of mine, and little by little still we were nude. His kisses were like angels kisses, he had the gentlest touch and his skin is so smooth. And yet again my phone rang i didn't answer because i thought it was Louis again.We finished what we started and try dozing off!


Why didn't she answer i wanted to say happy birthday.I hope she's ok you never know with Cane anymore! I will try again! It rang and rang and rang,

"Damn it!" I screamed i dropped my phone. I looked down and went to grab my phone and i didn't even have a chance to look up before*Bam**Bam* I felt a very sharp pain in my head, thats when everything went black.

A Day later

"You ok" Harry asked.

"Yea i'm fine....." And then i looked up with a fear written all over my face and my eyes full of tears.

"the baby" I whispered.

"What baby? Megan what baby? Was there a baby in the car with you?" He yelled.

"are baby" I whispered, feeling my stomach.

"There you are, omg the baby!" Danielle yelled.

"Are baby" harry added. with shock.

"Harry sit down" Niall said grabbing him and leading him to a chair.

"Where's Jackie" I asked.

"The cottage, let's just say she isn't a virgin" Danielle laughed, I kinda snickered but I wasn't in the mood.

"Anyways what happened?" Danielle asked changing the subject.

"I was actually calling you, dropped my phone i bent down to get it and drove right of the rode i think." I explained.

"You never call people while your driving Megan, you should know that!" Danielle scolded.

"Really you could have died!" Harry yelled.

"You don't need to yell at her she's not stable"Niall told him.

"No he's right, i have a headache i'm gonna sleep" Megan added.


Me and Danielle left the hospitial. We got back to the cottage and went to the kitchen.

"I want some ice cream" Danielle said.

"Ok cookie dough" I said.

"Yes you know me so well" Danielle said hugging me and pecking me on the cheek.

Me and Danielle went and sat on the couch under a blanket with ice cream, i know what you probaly thinking why eat ice cream if your cold. Well beacause we love ice cream thats why.

"What do you wanna do tonight?" Danielle asked.

"i don't care what do you wanna do?" I responded.

"We can go see a movie! Is that ok with you?" Danielle answered.

"Sure, what movie?"

"FINDING NEMO IN 3D" She screamed.

"Oh yea" I said with a smile. "Go get ready we will go right now!" I added.

She got up and ran into are bedroom it took here about 30 minutes to just throw here hair in a bun with masscara (which she doesn't need!) a blue half shirt with a white tank, light blue wash jean shorts, and white flip flops.

"Let's go" I stated.


Me and Jackie took a hge step in are relationship, a good step. And it felt right, it was at the right time, right place, and with the right and perfect girl.

"Morning Love." I said.

"Uggg i don't want to wake up, i wanna stay here forever." She stated.

"We can always come here anytime you want." I added.

"Really?" She asked shocked.

"Yea i bought this for us!" I answered.

"Awwwwww!!!" She said sreaming and hugging me tight.

"Nothing could ruion this." She said looking at me. And that's when her phone started to ring.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Harry" She replied, then answered it.

"Hello" She said

"Where are you?" Harry asked.

"At the cottage, why?" She asked

"Because Megan has been trying to get ahold of you!" Harry went on saying.

"Why what's wrong?" Jackie asked, worried.

"She's in the hospital!" Harry stated.

"OMG where on are way" She yelled hanging up the phone and jumped up and got dressed nd through her hair up.

"Let's go" she said

"Where?"i asked.

"Hospital" she added.

We drove to the hospital and asked the girl at the front desk what room Megan was in she was in room 707.

I asked what happened, Harry explained everything to me and i told her this is why there's a law on no texting and driving, we all just laughed. Then finally she fell asleep and we asked how long till she gets out and she gets out tomorrow good thing she didn't have bad injuries, just bumps and bruises. She just has to go up for weekly check ups till the babies born to make sure it's safe and healthy.


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