The Two Heroes of Gielenor

idk what to say i used this for a school essay and got a 6/6 with a comment :"i dont understand it but you seem to very clearly" lol


1. The Story


“The Two Heroes of Gielenor”

Ten years ago during the rule of King Roald, peace and prosperity thrived through the land. The magnificent city of Varrock had just started the grand exchange, the biggest bank in all the realms of Gielenor (The world also known as Runescape.). However, very little of the people knew that just beyond the wilderness is an army of spirits preparing a dreadful attack. My friend, Ancient Ace (Ace), and I, PVM KingJohn (PVM), were not in the realm of origin at this time we were in the spirit dimension just beyond the portal in the wilderness. We had decided that we should start trying to get rid of the evil army that may one day corrupt all mankind. Sadly, there is only one way to kill their leader which is to get the elusive Divine Spirit Shield. Now, ten years have passed and we are the last remaining members of the GoG-TPVMs (Coalition of Gielenor-The People Versus Monsters).

            “That’s it,” Ace yelled, “at this rate we’ll never get the Divine Sigil, it’s the last component for the shield and it’s been ten full years, and still no luck!” “That’s the third beast we killed this hour and the 4,375th we killed in the past ten years,” he said.

            “Come on,” I said, ”I’m sure if we hope hard enough we’ll have to get it sometime soon.”

            “PVM if only you knew that hope isn’t the only thing that will get you a Divine Sigil,” said Ace in a sad mood. “Before I ever met you, I was already searching for the Sigil,” said Ace, “I have been searching for it for 26 years now and still no luck.”

            “The fate of all mankind rests in our hands now, if we don’t do something we will all perish,” I said earnestly, “and if you quit then I don’t care I’ll go on without you!”

            “I admire your hope and courage, therefore I will abide with you for one more kill,” said Ace. “But were going to need a plan,” he said, “if you make one I will stay.”

            “Deal, “I said “my plan is to first lower its defense, then we’ll strike with all our spears, and finally we kill it and get that shield!”

            An hour later PVM and Ace head in the corporal beast’s chamber and both use their defense lowering weapons. After a while the lifeless Dark Core Spawns began to appear. These are small monsters that should be stunned as they appear because they heal the beast while draining human health. The stunning was PVM’s job but he failed to realize them.

            “PVM,” Ace yelled, “you idiot, you forgot to stun the dark cores!”

            “Yikes, I’m so sorry I’ll get to them right now,” I said.

            PVM acts quick but not quick enough, Ace is already badly damaged and runs to hide behind a rock. PVM goes to his aid and asks for forgiveness.

            “PVM, I forgive you but I can’t go on,” Ace said, “here take my aura, go kill the beast if you somehow manage to get the Divine Shield, go to Relekka.” “There you will find a woman by the name of Elspeth; with her help you can conquer the spirits,” said Ace giving his last breath, “good-bye.”

            No, why oh God why,” I said, “no, this is no time for crying, he believed in me and I let him down!” “I will het that shield if I have to die for it,” I yelled.

            PVM starts raging and goes frantically into the beast with his spear and the hit is so hard it knocks out the beast on the spot! Suddenly, all the Dark Core Spawns vanish, and the whole room is filled with a divine aroma. He searches the decaying beast and finds something he had never expected.

            “Oh Ace, if only you were here to see this beauty,” I said, “I couldn’t of had done it without you, thank you wherever you are.” 

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