Family Is Forever

Paige Nickerson and Harry Styles have been together for a year and a half, and Paige is pregnant wth Harry's child. Telling Harry is only half the battle, the other half is that Harry will be leaving to go on tour for six months. So he will be leaving her alone, and in her time of need. When he gets back things change, he spends more time at home with Paige and less and less time with the boys. And when his role in One Direction may get taken away, he still has to be there for her. Paige notices how Harry's slowly changing from his usual self into a more depressed virsion of himself. Can they make it work for their little family? After all, family is forever.


2. Telling the boys, and a friend

Harry's POV~

I'm not sure if I can do this.  Not because I wasn't ready, if I had paige I was ready.  But because of One Direction, touring , leaving home all the time.  I don't want to right now, but I have to.  After Paige told me, I was shocked.  Why hadn't she told me sooner?  But I can see how she was nervous.  After that we both went to bed, I slept pretty good.  When I woke up I saw Paiges head on my chest.  I smiled and moved a piece of hair out of her eyes.  She moved a little but those blue eyes stayed closed.

"Paige babe, we have to get up." I whisper in her ear.  She moans and pulls the blanket over her head.  I chuckle and slowly pull it off, and I'm greeted by her big blue eyes.  "Can't we just stay like this? For a few more minutes please?" She asks laying her head back on my chest.  How could I say no to that?  "Alright babe, but only for a few." I say pulling her into my lap. She smiles and pulls the blaket over both of us.  "You know we have to tell the boy's and Caitlin too." She says softly.  Caitlin was her best friend, practicely her sister. 

"How about we do that later today?" I suggest.  I can only imagine the boys reactions.  I'll bet Louis will be the only one who supports this 100%, not that the others won't.  I'm mostly worried about Liam and Zayns reactions though, since they are by far the most mature people in the band.  Caitlins reaction isn't really mattering to me, shes happy with everything Paige does.  "I think todays good.  We should tell them sooner rather then later." She replies, snapping me out of my thoughts.  We just lie there in silence for a few minutes, not and awkward one though.  "I should go get ready baby." Paige says while getting off my lap.  I grab her arm and pull her back on my lap, but not hard.  "Not without a kiss." I say smirking. 

I lean in slowly so our foreheads touch.  Then I press my lips softly to hers and put my hands on her waist.  She wraps her arms around my neck and we just kiss for a while.  When we pull away she smiles.  "You were wearing boxers right?" She asks giggling a little.  "Ummm.... sure... think what you want." I replies.  "EWWW!!!! I WAS SITTING ON YOUR... THING!!" She screams.  "It's been inside you, so it's not that big of a deal." I say simply.  She just smirks and walks into the bathroom.  That's my girl.

Paige's POV~

I walk into the bathroom and shower.  Sometimes I think that I don't deserve Harry, he's to perfect.  And I'm not anywhere close, in my eyes.  People tell me I'm pretty, but I just don't see it. After my shower I walk into the bed room and throw on:My grey sweater with a pink heart on it that says I <3 PB(Peanut Butter), pink skinny jeans, and since I'm not leaving the house I'm not wearing shoes.  I also put in my pink hoop earings and panda ring.  I go back into the bathroom and dry my long blonde hair, and put on eyeliner and some maskara(tried my best to spell that).

When I walked into the living room all the boys and Caitlin were sitting on the couches and chairs talking.  I get a chorus of hellos and sitt down.  Harry walks in and hands me a cup of coffee, then sits beside me.  He wraps his arm around my waist, pulling my closer to him.  "What is this major annoncement that you have? We're all dying to know!" Caitlin says smiling at me.  I look at Harry, letting him know that he's going to start. 

"Well... Caitlin is... pregnant." He says looking Liam dead in the eyes.  The boys sit quietly for a moment before Liam speacks up.  "That's great... but what are you two going to do when we go on tour?" He asks softly.  I didn't think about that, not at all.  "I don't know, but I'm sure we can figure something out." I say confidently.  "I'm happy for you both!." Niall says, as he walks over and gives us both hugs.  "Me too!!  My hazza is growing up!" Louis says hugging us both.  I laugh and so does Harry.  "Me too.  Liam won't be daddy direction anymore." Zayn says hugging us.  Liam just sits there.  Then he motions for the boys and they leave, all of them hugging is exept Liam. 

"I can't believe Liam right now!" Harry says putting his head in his hands.  Me either, but one of us has to be strong here.  I wrap my arms around him and pull him close.  "Me either, but we can always talk to him about it.  I'm sure he's happy, but maybe somthing happened to him, something personal." I say softly.  "Your right, he hasn't been himself for a while at the studoi either." He says laying his head on my shoulder.  I start playing with his curls.

Next mission, talk to Liam.

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