Family Is Forever

Paige Nickerson and Harry Styles have been together for a year and a half, and Paige is pregnant wth Harry's child. Telling Harry is only half the battle, the other half is that Harry will be leaving to go on tour for six months. So he will be leaving her alone, and in her time of need. When he gets back things change, he spends more time at home with Paige and less and less time with the boys. And when his role in One Direction may get taken away, he still has to be there for her. Paige notices how Harry's slowly changing from his usual self into a more depressed virsion of himself. Can they make it work for their little family? After all, family is forever.


1. Can't keep the secret anymore

Paige's POV~

Paige you have to tell him.  No not yet, I'll wait until later today.  Paige you can't keep this secret forever.  My thoughts swirled around wildly in my head, and there was no way to stop them.  I've known for two months now that I was pregnant, but Harry still has no idea.  Thank god my stomach only looks like I've gained a few pounds, so it's not the noticable..... yet.  I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Harry to get back from a meeting with managment.  I looked around our apartment (yes we live together).   There are still two boxes stacked in the corner.  I smile to myself knowing that Harry lied when he unpacked them.  I heard the door knob turn and braced myself for the conversation that lies ahead.  "Hey baby!  I missed you so much!" Harry says running over and jumping on the couch next to me.  "It's only been thirty minutes Styles." I say giggling a little.  Harry laughts a little toom "The longest thirty minutes if my life."  I sit and stare at him for a moment wondering how I got so lucky.  "Take a picture it will last longer." Harry says with a smirk on his face.  "I don't a picture to look at you, i've memerized you." I state proudly.  He laughs at this and takes his turn to look me over.  "Like what you see?" I ask smiling widely.  "Most definatly." He replies, and of course it makes me blush.  After a year and half with him he still makes me blush.  "So we have to have a very serious talk, so please listen." I say looking down.  "No more sex?"  He asks while starting to kiss my neck.  I shiver under his touch.  "No, Harry how do you feel about kids?" I ask loking him right in the eyes.  "I think they are really nice consider, but I'm not ready for one right now.  Why do you ask?"  I stare silently for a minute.  "Harry..... I'm pregnant.  Thats why I asked." I say quietly.  I look up and he's frozen.  "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He asks looking at his hands.  "I didn't know how, I know I should have told as soon as I found out but I couldn't find the words." I say looking down at my stomach.  "How far along are you?" He asks looking down at my belly.  "Umm about two months." I say softly.  "TWO MONTHS AND I NEVER KNEW?!" He gets up off the couch and stares at his reflection in the mirror.  "Harry I'm so sorry!  Please, we have to figure this out!" I say feeling tears run down my face.  I can see Harry make his way over to the ouch again.  He wipes my tears away gently with his thumb.  "Your right, we have to do something.  Do you want to keep it?"  He asks.  "Of course!  But I know your not ready." I say taking his hand in my own.  "I will be if I have you." He says as he lifts my hand and presses a soft kiss to my knuckles.  "Your not mad?" I ask.  "Not anymore, this baby is a blessing.  And this is the happiest moment of my life." He says gently rubbing my belly.  "Thank you!" I say hugging him tighly.  "No thank you." He whispers in my ear.

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