A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


2. The News and The Kiss

  Almost three weeks have passed since i started working with one direction and they became close friends of mine.

  " No Harry i will not fit you naked keep your boxers on!" i laughed at Harry.

  "You ruin all the fun," he replied. Harry and the boys bursted out laughing. After that we all sat down and stared at each other. Harry sugested that we play truth or dare and we all agreed. Harry said he was going first and picked me. He asked me if i wanted truth or dare and of course i said dare. He then winked at me with a grin on his face. After that i wish i would have picked truth.

  "I dare you to kiss me," with that said he moved his eyebrows up and down and blew me a kiss. The other boys all winked at me.I stared at him shook my head. "youv'e gotta do it love," he added.

  I rolled my eyes and and crawled over to him. I kneeled beside him telling my self it was a dare and nothing more. He looked at me with an unpatient look and held his arms out. I moved closer to him and paused right in front of his face. He put his hand on the side of my face and put his lips against mines. It lasted about 45 seconds then we stopped and looked at each other. I couldn't help but to smile and he did too. I sat down next to him and he grabbed my hand. The other boy looked at me and smiled like they knew this was going to happen.

  We heard a knock on the door and Jenna walked in, i let go of Harry's hand. "Okay i have some big news," she said. She came and sat down by all of us. "Alexis since you've been doing such a great job and the boys will be going on tour soon i decided to let you go with them and work on the road," she added.

  "Foreal," i excitedly said. The boys jumped up and cheered.

  " Yes you can mail me the designs a head of time and i will send the outfits back," she replied. 'OMG,i'm going on tour with the boys' is all i could think." Go home and pack and the flights tonight at 10," she said handing me a ticket.

  The boys came with me to my house to help me get my things and to drive to the airport together. I offered them some drink and started walking to my room. I heard someone following me and Niall in the background asking for food. I walked in my room and went to shut the door when Harry put his foot in the way. He walked in my room and stared at me. What is he doing? Harry walked closer to me and i backed up. He kept walking closer and i kept walking back till i was against the wall. He put his hands on the wall leaving me in the middle of them. I had a bad feeling about this. We couldn't start liking each other, i dont know why we just can't.

 "What are you doing Harry," i said. He stared me in the eyes, then faster than i could blink he kissed me. I went to push him away, but stopped and wrapped my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my hips and i was lost in the moment. Who would have thought Harry kissing me! He kissed me for the longest and then stopped.

 "I love you," he wispered. He still didn't let go of me and i didn't let go of him.

 "I love you to," i wispered back. He kissed me quickly on the lips and put his hands down and so did i. I walked over to my bed and sat with my knees up and my head im my hands. Did i really just say that? Better yet, did he? I could see in the corner of my eyes that he was walking towards me. He sat next to me and asked what was wrong. "Why did you kiss me?" i asked.

 "Because i  want you to know i love you," he said. He lifted took my hand and kissed it. " I'll let you pack," he added. He got up and walked out. I got up and started packing my clothes and rethinking what just happened. When i was done packing i sat down on my bed. Soon after Zayn walked in my room.

 "What's taking so long rose bud?" he said. He looked at my confused face and shut the door. He came sit next to me and asked me what's going on. I looked at him and told him what happened. " Harry really does love you he's always talking about you, but its your choise about it," he responded. I smiled at Zayn and hugged him. He kissed me on the cheek and said," Anytime rose bud". " So you ready? he asked.

 "Yea lets go," i said. He grabbed my bags and we walked into the living room. When we walked in there niall was eating and the other boys were talking about the tour. I locked up my house and we all got in the car to go to the airport.



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