A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


3. Plane to the UK

 On the plane i sat next to Harry and Liam. Niall was next to Liam and Louis and Zayn were on the row across from us. Liam told me that we were going to there hometowns for a few days to visit there parents and fans there. I thought it was cool, going to the UK should be fun. I turned to my side and looked at Harry, he was reading some magazine. I thought about everything that happened and wondered if it would make this whole trip akward. He looked up and smiled at me. The pilot then came on the intercom and anounced we were landing.

  "Where are we going first?" i asked.

  " My parents house,then Liam, then Harrys,then Zayn and lastly Niall," Louis said. The pilot then anounced that we may exit the plane. We all stood up and exited the plane. When we got out the plane a swarm of teenage girls surronded the boys. I sat down on a near by bench and waited for them to finish. For almost an hour they were taking pictures and giving autographs. I guess i snoozed of because i woke up to Harry carrying me. He put me in the car and layed my head on his shoulder. I didn't relize i had wrapped my arms around him, but i didn't move it and eventually feel back to sleep.

 "Wake up rose bud," louis said tapping me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and seen that we were in front of a house. The boys got out the car and i followed. This was Louis parents house. When we got there his family had a welcome back party waiting. Louis introduced me to his family and explained that im One Directions stylist. We stayed there for about an hour then left. We visited the other boys houses and it was basically the same little welcoming party. After we were done we went to a hotel. Louis went inhto the office and got our room keys. Louis gave me my room key. Harry and Louis were sharing a room and Niall, Zayn and Liam would share the other one. The boys grabbed their bags and brought it in their rooms. I grabbed my bags and went to my room.

 I hopped in the shower and washed my hair. When i was done i put on a pair of pajama shorts and a tanktop and wrapped my hair in the towel. I walked over to the tv and turned it on then i layed on my bed. I heard a knock at the door and then Harry said," Food". I got up and walked over to the door and let him in. He had nandos. We sat down by the little table and ate. After we were done eating we sat down on my bed and played cards. We played cards for about an hour and then i told him i just wanted to watch tv. I got under the covers and sat up against my pillow. Harry joined me and got under the covers. He came right next and put is arm around me.

  "Harry?" i said.

  "What rose?" he replied.

 "Why do you love me?" i asked.

 "Of course i do," he said.

 " Why?" i asked. Then he started singing to me" from the moment i met you everything changed i knew i had to get you whatever the pain i had to take you and make you mine i would walk through the dessert i would walk down the isle i would swim through the ocean just to see you smile. I blushed and then smiled at him. He put both of his hands around me bringing me closer to him. I put my hand on his chest and then sparks were flying, he kissed me. He pulled away and told me he loved me. "I love you too Harry," i said.

  " Your tired lay down," he said. He pulled the towel out of my hair and truned the tv off. I clicked the lamp of and layed down. Harry was put his arms back around me and i put my head on his chest. The last thing i heard was harry say i love you then i fell to sleep.

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