A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


7. My Place In This World

  Tour with the boys was great, i loved it. I was always there, i never missed one concert. Its been about a two weeks since they started the tour. Today the boys were in Canada. I was standing on the side of the stage watching them sing WMYB when Harry ran to me and lifted me on stage. He grabbed my hand and ran to the middle of the stage.

 "Na na na na na   na na na  na na na," the other boys singing.

  Harry starred me in the eyes and started singing his solo " Baby you light up my world like nobody else , the way that you flip your hair get me overwheled"....... i looked around and seen all the screens in the stadium had us on them. All the girls were screaming frantically. Harry grabbed by hand and moved in closer "it aint hard to tell" and he kissed me. Most of the time when Harry was singing he would look at me. I would just blush or smile. After they were done they signed some autographs and we went to the hotel.

  "Lets go out tonight and party," the boys suggested.

  "Sure im up for it," i said. We went to our rooms to get ready. I put on a a black and white cocktail dress with some black heals. I curled my hair and then went over to the boys rooms. Niall opened the door and all the boys whistled. I laughed. "Come on you guys ready?" i asked.

  Liam ran up to me and picked me up and ran off. "Yea lets go," Liam said.

  "Liam you passed up the car," i said. I tried to get down but he wouldn't let me. I laughed at him. Liam did this alot to me when he had nothing better to do. "Harry help me!" i screamed. Harry came running after Liam. Liam started running toward the car and Harry caught us. I laughed.

  "Hand her over," Harry commanded.

  "Never," he said. Harry walked up to us and grabbed me. He kissed me then put me down and held my hand. We walked over to the car and the other boys were waiting for us. We all got in and drove to the club. I'd never been out with the boys, i wonder if they're gonna get drunk.

  When we got there the boys asked me to dance, i took turns with them. After we were done we all drunk a little. Liam and i stopped after 2 glasses but the other boys kept going. At about 3 i started getting tired and told Harry i was going home. I could tell he was drunk beacuse he didn't offer to come. Liam said he was going home with me. We called a cab and went home. I walked over to my room and forgot that Harry had the key. I walked over to Liams room and knocked on his door. " What do you need Rose?" he asked.

  "Harry has the key to our room," i said,

  "You can stay in here till he comes back," he replied.

  "Thanks," i said. He let me in and i walked over to Niall bed. "I'm tired so imma lay down in Nialls bed," i said.

  "Okay here you can were some of my clothes," he said. He handed my a pair of his pajama pants and shirt. He went in the bathroom to take a shower and hurried and changed. The clothes was a little big on me but i didn't care. I feel to sleep before Liam got out the shower.

  I woke up in between Niall and Zayn. Zayn had his arm around my waist and my head was on Nialls chest. I looked around and seen Harry was laying behind Zayn and Louis was laying on my lap. I grabbed Louis wallet beacuse it was right next to me and threw it a Liam. He looked at us all and laughed. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of us. I tried to climb over Niall and get out of the bed, but he grabbed me and mumbled something beneath his breathe. I shook Niall and told him to get up. All the other boys woke and laughed.

  "Why are yall laughing?" i asked.

  "Why are we sleeping together?" Louis asked. 

  "Because you guys were drunk i guess," i answered. I laughed and hugged them. Liam jumped on the bed and joined us. They all hugged me and almost smuthered me by doing so. I hugged them back and knew this was my place in the world.



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