A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


6. I Quit

    'I woke up to Harry getting dressed. "Goodmorning love do you want to get some breakfast with the boys and me?" he asked.

  "No im not hungry ill stay here," i answered.

  "Do you want me to stay with you?" he asked.

  "No go eat with the boys," i answered. I walked up to Harry and kissed him. "With me around you and the boys barley get any alone time so go," i added.

  "You know its not like that but Louis isn't going either so you can hang out with him," he said. He kissed me on the lip real quick and said,"I love you".

  "I love you too," i said back. He put on his shoes and went meet the other boys. I figured i would send the measurments to Jenna but then Louis knocked on the door.

   He hugged me and asked,"What are you up to"?

  "Work," i stated. Just then i got a call from Jenna. I picked up the phone and said hello.

  'I was just about to send you the measurments'

  'Put the tv on channel 5'

  'Um okay' I turned on to channel 5 and it was filled with pictures from last night.

  'You can't date Harry Rose its bad for my company'

  'I didn't know we'll keep it low for now on'

  'No take the next flight to LA or your fired'

  'What i always wanted this job and i love Harry you cant'

  'You can still go out with him but im assigning you to different clients and you won't see him that often'

  'What no i can't' Louis looked at me wondering what i was talking about.

  'Next flight Rose or your fired' and she hung up.

  I ran to Louis and started crying. "What did she say?" he asked.

  "She told me to get on the next flight to LA or im fired and that me seeing Harry isn't good for her company," i answered. I buried my head in his chest," I don't want to leave".

  "Then don't go," he said.

  "I can't it's my job," i said. I grabbed my phone and Harry and told him to get over to the hotel asap. Of course he was here in less than 10 minutes. He walked in and seen i was crying.

  He took me out of Louis arms and asked,"Whats the matter"? I told him and the other boys the whole story."You don't have to go you can quit and come on tour with us," he said.

  "How am i going to pay for my apartment?" i asked.

  "I'll pay for it or you can move into my apartment with me after the toor," he and answered.

  It was so sweat for Harry to offer but i couldn't let him and i loved my job."I wanted this job my whole life and i don't want you to pay for me," I said. Harry asked the other boys to step out for a minute. They hesitated but they did.

  Harry grabbed my waist and kissed me. "You can't leave me Rose i love you," he wispered. I got dizzy for a moment, so i grabbed onto Harry. He lifeted me up and sat me on the table. "Rose please i need you," he added. What was i supposed to do quit my dream job and stay with Harry or just go back to LA and see him when hes off.

  "Harry i can't live without you but i dont want you to pay for my apartment its not right," i said.

  "Rose if you leave ill be a mess i don't know if i can live without seeing you everyday and you can just move into my apartment," he said. He ran his fingers through my hair and kisssed me again. I sat t here in silince and stared at the ground. Niall and Louis then came running in the room.

 "You can't leave," they shouted together. The other boys walked in and said the same thing. I grabbed my phone.

 'hello Jenna'

 'yes are you packed the flight leaves in 1 hour'

 'No i quit' the boys looked at me and cheered.

 'You what'

 'Yes i quit' she hung the phone and i could tell she was mad. The boys took turns spinning me around.

   "Okay well we all need to pack our bags our plane leaves in an hour and half," Louis said. The boys left to their rooms. I walked over to my bag and started packing. Harry came behind me and put his arms around me. He kissed my forhead and told me he loved me then started packing his bag.

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