A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


1. A New Job

 My alarm woke me at 7:35 am. I laid in bed for a moment staring at the roof. Today is my first day of work as a wardrobe assistant. I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and left for work. Today i would meet my boss and her clients.

 When i pulled up to the building i was told to meet them, i was amazed. It was like any other building you would see in L.A., but this one was special because i would be working here. I got out the car and went inside. I took the elevator to floor five and looked for room 3b. When i fount the room i knocked and waited paciently for an answer.

 " You must be Rose," said the lady who opened the door. She was so beautiful. she had a glowing complection and beautiful hair. She was wearing a black dress and black stilletoes." Call me Jenna, im your boss," she continued.

 " Yes, thats me and im Rose," i replied. She showed me around the office and explained what i would be doing. Jenna told me that my main job is to fit our patients and come up with a design for them. She showed me to my desk and gave me some starting materials that i would need. 

 " So are you ready to meet our main patients?" asked Jenna. she walked down the narrow hallway, eading me to the second door to the right. The room had five mirrors and fitting rooms to the left. To the right was a cart filled with measuring tools and different materials. I then looked to the back of the room and seen five boys sitting down. I looked closer at their faces and relized they looked familiar . Who were they? Then it hit me, theyr'e One Direction. " Rose meet One Directon, you will be fitting and designing their clothes for now on," Jenna said.

 " Uhh hello, im Rose i looked foward to working with you guys," i slowly said. I looked over their faces and thought ' i would be fitting these boys for now on'.

 " Hey," said Niall,Liam,Harry. and Louis.

" Vas happenin," said Zayn. I chuckled. I looked behind me then looked back and relized that Harry was staring at me. Was he or was i imagining things?

 " Okay i'll let you guys talk for a little while and ill be back to discuss materials with you Rose in about an hour," said Jenna as she walked out the room. Why did she leave me alone with them? I had no clue what to say to them! I sat down on a chair across from them and stared at the ground, thinking about what its going to be like working with them.



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