A Love Like No Other

rose has just graduated from high school and is starting her career by being one directons wardrobe assistant. what will she do when one of the boys start falling for her?


4. A Day Gone Wrong

 I woke up and i was still in Harrys arms. "Good morning beautiful," he said then kissed me. "Did you sleep good," he asked. I knodded my head then sat up and stretched. Harry tickled my side.

 I laughed," stop it".

  "Lets go to the beach today," Harry said.

 "Okay," i said.

 " I'll let you get dressed while i go get the boys," he said. I knodded. He kisssed me and walked out. I got up and opened my suitcase. I grabbed my leopard print bikini, a spagetti strap undershirt and jean shorts. I got dressed and heard a knock on the door. I opened it and it was Niall and Liam. I let them in.

 " You ready?" asked Liam.

 " You had nandos without me?" Niall screamed.

  I laughed," Harry brought to me last night".

 " OUHHH," they both said.

 "Be quiet!" i said while throwing a pillow at them. We laughed for a minute and then went get in the car. Harry tried to sit next me but Niall wouldn't let.

 "NO you didn't bring me nandos last night," he shouted.

  " I'm sorry ill bring you some tonight," Harry replied.

  " promise?" Niall asked.

 " Yes promise," Harry answered.

  When we arrived at the beach barley anyone was there. The boy took their shirts off and ran into the water,but Harry waited for me. I took my shirt of then my shorts. Harry reached out for my hand and i took it. We ran to the water and joined the other boys. Louis splashed me with water, so i jumped on his back. I tried to take him down, but instead he pulled me under water. I came up and ran behind Zayn. When Louis came up i splashed him and took cover behind Zayn.

 "You better move Zayn," Louis shouted

 " I can't," screamed Zayn. Harry came behind louis and splashed him. We all started laughing. We played around and swam for like an hour.

 " I'm going get a tan Harry you guys stay and have fun in the water," i suggested. He questioned me but finally agreed. I walked by our stuff and layed a towel down on the ground. I put on Harrys shades and layed down. Once i was done with my tan i seen Harry walking to the drink shack. I ran behind the shack not letting him see me, so i could suprise him. I was on the side of the shack about to come out when i seen a girl walk up to Harry.

 " Why haven't you called me," she said following with a kiss. I dropped Harrys sunglasses and ran off. I heard him yell at me telling me to stop,but i didn't i kept running. I looked to the right and seen the boys coming out the water. I don't think they seen me crying though beacuse they would have came after me. I kept on running along the beach and heard someone running behind me. I turned and seen Harry running after me.

 "Stop following me Harry," I said with tears coming down my face.

 "No let me explain," he said walking towards me.

  "Why should i?" i said. I seen seen zayn walking toward us. I ran to him and started crying.

  " Whats the matter rose?" Zayn quickly asked.

  " I seen Harry kissing another girl," I said with tears still running down my face.

  "Rose let me explain," Harry said.

  " Zayn take me home," I said.

  "Okay," Zayn replied. Zayn walked to our stuff and put his shirt on. He grabbed my stuff and tried to give it to me, but i was to upset to move. He put the shirt over my head and put my arms through it. He then put my pants on but didnt button them up. He me up," come on the taxi is here". Zayn came in my room with me and tried to make me feel better, but it didn't work. " Go take a shower your all sandy," he said.

  " I don't feel like moving," i said. Zayn walked over to me and picked me up. He carried me to the bathroom and sat m down. He took my shirt and shorts off. Then put my in the bath and ran my water. On a regular day i would tell him to get out but today i didn't care. I knew Zayn wasn't going to do anything anyway. I still had my bathing suit on. Zayn washed my hair and my body just not under my bathing suit. When he was done he gave me a towel and got me some clothes. By then i figured i should dry myself off, so i did and got dressed. I walked out the bathroom and Zayn was sitting on my bed. I walked over to him and sat by him. He put his arms around me and i just stayed there. I was glad Zayn was here for me. " Zayn why did Harry do that to me? i asked. 

 " I'm sure he has a reason bud," he wispered. Zayn kissed my forhead and said," Im going take my shower you lay down".

  " Okay," i replied. Zayn left and i just sat there. I wonder if Harry did have a reason. What reason could he have for kissing another girl. I sat there for an hour just thinking about Harry. Then i had a feeling of guilt. What if Harry did have a reason , i didn't listen to him.

 There was a knock at the door. " Its me," said Louis. I opened the door for him.

  "Wheres Harry?" i asked.

 "About that the girls name was victoria she liked harry but harry turned her down and that kiss today was her he pushed her off of him right away and now hes upset and won't talk to any of us," Louis said. " Go talk to him," he said handing me his room key.

  I ran out my room and rushed to harrys. I unlocked his door and seen him holding his pillow on his face. "Harry!" i shouted. He looked up to me and i could tell hes been crying. I walked over to him. Louis told me about her and who she was, im sorry i wouldn't listen to you," I said. I sat next to him on the bed and reached for his hand. He let me take it, but he wasn't holding my hand back. "Harry im sorry i love you and i promise next time ill listen to you now talk to," i said but was cut off by Harry. He grabbed my hand and ran the other through my hair and kissed me.  Im so glad he forgave me.

 "I love you Rose and no one else and your the only one ill ever kiss like this is you," He said. He went back to kissing me. He grabed both of my hands, raised them and slowly layed me down. He didn't stop kissing me. I reached for his shirt and pulled it off. He continued to kiss me and pulled my shirt off. This wasn't right. I sat up and Harry stared at me.

 "This isn't us Harry were not ready i love you but we can't do this not now not yet," i said.

 " Im sorry Rose i should have never kissed you," he said.

  " Don't blame yourself i started it by taking your shirt off and i love it when you kiss me," i replied.  He grabbed my shirt and put it back on me and put his on him. "One day maybe we can do this Harry just not tonight okay but that doesn't mean i dont love you," i said.

 " I know i never want to pressure you," he said. He kissed me on the cheek and stood up. He put his hand out to help me up and i gave it to him. "Lets go to nandos we did promise Niall," he said chuckling. We went get the boys and went eat at nandos. We didn't talk much. When we got back to the hotel the boys hugged me goodnight. The boys went into their rooms and i stopped Harry by grabbing his hand.

  "Your not staying in my room tonight?" i asked.

  "I thought it might make things awkward," he answered.

  "Oh," i replied.

  "I can if you want thought let me go get my bag so i don't wake Louis up tomorrow," he said walking into his room to get it. He came out his room with his suit case and brought it into my room. Harry went go take a shower and i just changed into my pajamas. I brushed my teeth and went lay down. I tried waiting for Harry but i started to fall asleep. I had my eyes closed and i was almost sleeping when i heard Harry get out the shower and come lay next to me. He got under the covers, kissed my forhead, then put his arm around me. I turned around and stared in his beautiful. "I thought you were sleeping," he said.

  "No," i lightly said.

  "You know tomorrows our last day here then we go back to America," he stated.

  "Yes that reminds me i have to measure you boys waste and chest," i said.

  "Okay goodnight love," he said and kissed me on the cheek.





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