My Big Friendship

I met the One Direction guys in a concert, I got a really good friendship with Niall till' somthing happened and our friendship got REALLY affected


5. The Friendship is in Danger

I forgot the topic of the bromance till' one day I was in Friday's with the guys and Niall without any reason he huged me...
Me: Niall, thanks for the hug!
I said it because I didn't wanted to hurt him but I didn't wanted that hug really... After returning home I investigate bromance and I discovered what I was really involved in... Maybe Niall didn't knew it, because he said "Nothing gay of course"
After that I knew I needed to say it to Niall, but If I did that my friendship relation with him will be affected... I thought about it all night, and I decided to tell Niall no more bromance...

Harry invited me for a week in a house he and guys buyed, I decided to take this moment to talk to Niall.... Later that day the guys and I went in a private jet with the destiny of Texas.

Louis: So first the choosing of bedrooms. They are three rooms a pair for each room
Harry: Louis room partner?
Louis: Yea Harry!
Liam: Zayn partner?
Zayn: Why not?
Niall: I guess we are partners
Me: Yes
Me: Niall we have
Niall: Vas Happenin'
Me: I don't want to have this bromance anymore...
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