My Big Friendship

I met the One Direction guys in a concert, I got a really good friendship with Niall till' somthing happened and our friendship got REALLY affected


6. Not Forgiven

Niall stared at my eyes like the first day, but those blue eyes didn't showed a connection they showed deception....He looked at my eyes for a couple of minutes (kinda weird) and then he turned and settled, he didn't said a word in the rest of the night. I noticed he went to kitchen a couple of times and returned with some cookies.


The only contact Niall and I had that morning was a slight smile that he made, I thought he wasn't angry but he didn't said a word to me...

Harry: Hey, what happened last night?

Me: You know Niall and I had a bromance?

Harry: Yes, so...

I saw Harry with a "that's the problem" face

Harry: Uhg

Me: What?

Harry: Nothing...

Liam: Hey guys! Vas Happenin'

Harry and I: Did Niall...

Liam: Ohhh so the problem of the bromance....

Harry and I: Yes

Liam: Did Niall made a slight smile to you?

Me: Yes, why?

Liam: This smile has two meanings 1: Get out of my life bitch 2: You're forgiven

Me: How do we know wich of the meanings is he trying to show?

Liam: Has he talked to you after the smile?

Me: No

Liam: Uh oh



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