My Big Friendship

I met the One Direction guys in a concert, I got a really good friendship with Niall till' somthing happened and our friendship got REALLY affected


8. Louis, What Should I Do?

Niall turned and was about to answer but Pao opened the door angrily...

Pao: William you talk to loud shot up and go to sleep!

Pao saw that Niall had his mouht opened like he was about to talk...

Pao: Niall you should go to sleep to...

Niall: Yes Pao, sweet dreams

Pao: Sweet dreams to you to Niall

Me: Sweet dreams

Pao: To you

Even though I wouldn't probably receive and answer I said to Niall: Sweet dreams... He smiled and said: Sweet dreams to you to...

Knock, knock, knock we heard.

Niall and I: Enter

They were Natalie, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry

Natalie, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry: Sweet dreams

Niall and I: Sweet dreams


All but Pao: Ok


I woke up and Niall wasn't in his bed, maybe everyone was alredy awake and they were eating breakfast. I walked to the kitchen and said: Good morning everyone!

Niall: Ssssshhhhh! We are the only ones awake!

Me: Oh sorry

Zayn: Good morning!

Liam: Hi!

Pao: Hellow

Natalie: Hi!

Louis: Good morning

Harry: Good morning everyone!

Niall: I prepared breakfast, choose a seat and go to eat!

Natalie: Liam, sweetheart how was your night?

Liam: Great! Thanks for asking. How was yours?

Natalie: It was good, thanks for asking

Louis: Bon appetit everyone!

All but Louis: Thanks!


Louis: Houis Tomlinstyles!

Harry: Larry Stylinson!

Louis: NO! Houis Tomlinstyles!

Harry: We'll call it Larry Stylinson!

Me: Guys stop fighting!

Louis and Harry: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Me: Stop fighting for that, you can talk about it without a fight

Louis and Harry: Yes you are right...

Me: Louis can we talk?

Louis: Yes sure

Me: Ok let's go to the kitchen


Louis: What's the problem?

Me: You have a big friendship with Harry right?

Louis: Yes

Me: Can you help with Niall

Louis: Have you apologized?

Me: Yes

Louis: Give him time


Niall: William...

Me: Yes?

Niall: We have to talk...






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