My Big Friendship

I met the One Direction guys in a concert, I got a really good friendship with Niall till' somthing happened and our friendship got REALLY affected


4. Bromance?

After that hours considering Niall's proporsal I recibed A phone call from Zayn saying that they were going to eat in Nando's that night accepted his invitation and started to prepare myself to answering to Niall. I was sure I will accept, but I was nervous because I haven't been in this type of situation before.

Me: Mom, Zayn invited me to go to Nando's tonight!

Mom: Ok, get ready to hang out with your friends

I was about to tell my mom about Niall and I but, at the last second I reflected it.What would she'll say about having a "bromance"...


Mom: Yes?

Me: OH! Nothing it's okay


Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall arribed in Zayn's car.

All but me: Come on get in the car we have a great time waiting us in Nando's

Niall: Yes! We are right (he makes me a wink while says it)

Niall's wink scared me a little bit because I thought it was about his proporsal from hours ago...


Niall: So, did you considered "that"...

Me: Yes I did...

GREAT! screamed Niall accidentaly

Niall: Sorry, and you know what you will do?

Me: Yes I know

Niall watched excited

Me: Yes...

Niall maked a "Fuck Yea" face, so I said to him: Can we talk in private?

Niall: Yes

Niall: What's the problem

Niall: Well I've something to tell you to...

Me: I'm fine of having a bromance, but can we say no to kisses?

Niall: That was exactly what I wanted to say to you!

Me: So, no kisses

Niall: No kisses


We didn't act like having a bromance, or that what i thought. We only were like really good friends. We talked, talked, and talked. We told jokes each other, we sreamed like friends, and did everything like friends. It was like hanging out with a lifetime friend no with a bromance partner

So weeks passed and they turned into months. The guys and I keep hanging out like friends and the topic of the bromance was forgot by Niall and me...


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