Guardian (On Hold)

Skylar Reynolds was born into the a normal world or so she thought, but when a mysterious new guy appeared at Luna High School everything seemed to change. As Skylar's life, she starts to change, she uncovers the truth behind her life. She discovers that not everything was ever as it seemed and that she isn't the normal girl she thought she was. Nothing will ever be the same now that she destined to run one of the most powerful packs in the world of the Guardians. Is she ready for the responsibility that comes being born a guardian or will she crumble under the pressure?


5. Werewolf?


Chapter 4    

~Ethan's POV~    

I watch her storm out of the classroom, right as the bells rings dismissing us to our next class. I try to push through the crowd of people that stood in my way, but they don't seem to be wanting move. Suddenly an idea comes to mind and I make sure that no one is watching, but everyone had their backs turned to me. I close my eyes and focus all my energy on letting my inner wolf out. After so much practice of this only seemed to take seconds to change. When I open my eyes I look down and inside of seeing my Van covered feet I see the dark colored paws that I am so used to. A sense of comfort fills my body up seeing that I can move around freely in the form that I had learned to love. I turn to the still large crowd of people and let a small low growl form in the back of my throat signaling my presence. A tall brunette who had been sitting near the back turned around and faced me. Her green eyes widening when she realizes what is standing in front of her. I growl at her slightly making a loud scream leave her lips as she steps aside allowing me to walk past her. At this point everyone else that noticed me which let me run straight passed everyone and out of the school. I whiff the air letting Sky's sweet scent find it's way to my nose. I run following her scent and finally getting attacked by the sweet peach scent as I see a dark black Charger driving down the street. I could hear the thumping of the bass as Sky drove down the street and turning into a gated community.I watch as she drives through the gates and notice a security guard looking in my direction with a small smile on his face.    

"You know pup, I am a Guardian as well." The security guard announced into the air as his eyes changed into the golden color the Guardians are identified by. I don't bother changing forms as I cautiously walk over to him and stand by his side. "You're the one who is going to rule the new pack with Sky, aren't you?" He asked while opening the gates as a car comes almost speeding past. I let out a short bark, as I recognize the car as Sky's. "Might want to follow her, she has the tendency to do reckless things when she's angry." He says before walking into the small office located near the door of the gates. I don't even bother thinking about his words as soon as the car gets on the road, I run into the woods to make sure I am not seen. Sky was angry, I could sense it and even if she couldn't feel my emotions her's overwhelmed mine. It slightly stung knowing that all her anger was directed to only me. It might have been her instinct as alpha to protect her mate, or maybe just her own jealous, but all I know is that at the moment she hated me. I watched her as I ran along with her, but even with my strength I was hoping she would stop soon. Not only was she driving a bit too fast to keep up, but she didn't look like planning to stop. We travelled more and more until finally, she took a quick left and drove into a familiar territory. Most of the town called it Killer Hill, because of the fact that people who trespass end up dead. Most of the elder Guardians will not tolerate humans trespassing and the foolish ones that do, usually end up dead. I watch Sky's car finally pull into a stop and it stops right at the entrance to the forest. I knew she has never come here, so how did she know almost exactly where the entrance to our woods are. I watch her reach other to the passenger seat and pulls out a large glass bottle of what I could pick up was full of vodka. She stepped out of the car and walked a few feet away from the car before pressing the bottle to her pinks lips and taking a swing of the liquid inside. She takes a few more swings before, stumbling forward into the woods. The second her foot touches onto our territory, the howls from some of other members pack starts. It was the howl of returning, most of the times it was used to welcome home warriors and I guess in a way we were welcoming Sky finally back.    

"Stupid assholes." Sky mumbles somewhat drunk. I knew that even that large bottle of vodka couldn't get her drunk. Being Guardians had its perks, since I knew that our bodies worked at a much faster level than humans. "Do you know if Addy had a date?" Sky mimics the tone I used to asked her about Addy having a date for prom. "No, you fucking asshole I don't fucking know if 'Addy' had a date why don't you fucking ask her." She screams taking the now empty bottle and throwing at some random tree. She stood memorized as she watched the bottle scatter into a million pieces. "Just like my own fucking heart, it all fucking shattered she shouts which causes uneasiness in the forest. I watch her completely guilty of the state she is in, but it also brought a smile onto my face seeing that she already cared so much about me. "Why do I even fucking care." She mumbles defeated as she slumps down against a tree. I watch her not trusting myself to leave her side and then feel horrible if something was to happen to her. After a few minutes there some rustling in the bushes and a familiar gray and black wolf walks out. My senses were heighten as I watch her take a step closer to Sky. Sky takes notice of the wolf in front of her as Annalyssa takes another step forward.    

"Oh what a pretty girl who have you brought here today Ethan." Annalyssa says through the mind link that all Guardians had as she circles around the tree that Sky was slumped against. "Shame, really she's going to be torn into a million small pieces in only a few minutes." She taunts trying to get me to come out my hiding place, but I sat frozen watching Annalyssa brush against Sky's entire body.    

"Annalyssa leave her alone." I command in the tone my father had always taught me to use with the enemy.    

"But Ethan, I just want to play." She states while carefully nipping at Sky who remained unfazed. I let an angry, threatening growl leave my throat at Annalyssa who only laughs at my attempts to scare her off. She knew out packs tricks seeing that she used to be a part of our pack. She knew that our method was to scare the enemy into a corner giving them either two choices run or fight. "Tsk, tsk, Ethan behave or you little princess here gets it." She said nuzzling her nose into Sky's hair.   

"Annalyssa." I warn her, the protectiveness of being Sky's alpha starting to take over my body as I watch her be threatened.    

"Ethan." Annalyssa says trying to mimic my tone.    

"If your going to rip me to shred go ahead and do it." Sky's voice broke us apart from the stare down me and Annalyssa had been having. "Go ahead just tear me into pieces, no one cares, all anyone cares about is Addy." She says emotionlessly, but Addy's name comes out in a sickly sweet tone.   

"Your wish is my command." Annalyssa says before turning to pounce on Sky. It seemed that at that very moment time seemed to freeze, and that allowed me the power to surpass Annalyssa's speed. I jump and bite into her side mid air, and I bite down until I hear a crack and Annalyssa yelps in pain.    

"Leave." I command her as I remove my grip on her side.    

"You know this isn't the end of this." She promises before shakily standing on all fours and doing the world's stupid thing. She transforms back into a human, which quickly grabs Sky's attention.    

"What the fuck." Sky mumbles as Annalyssa smirks leaning down to my wolf's height.    

"Have fun explaining that to your little whore. Bye Ethan." She says and lets out a dark chuckle before gripping her side and hobbling away. I watch as she disappears, and I don't turn away until her scent is almost completely gone. I bravely turn to Sky who places a shaky hand to pet me. Normally I would growl, but it was Sky who was asking to pet me, not some idiot human. Her eyes a bit red from the alcohol currently running through her system mixed with a tears she shed. Her soft hand tangle in my fur as I nuzzle my nose into her arm allowing her strong vanilla and peach scent to overwhelm my mind. Somewhere in-between these tender touches I find the strength to change back. Now Sky's soft hand were tangled in my long hair that was in desperate need of a hair cut.    

"You're a werewolf." Her soft voice says as I lay my head down on her lap.    

"No, I am no a werewolf." I chuckle at the young girl below me.    

"Then what are you?" She asks me while attaching my scalp with her gentle fingers.    

"I'll tell you once you tell me why you're mad at me." I reason with her, even though I knew the reason. It would make me feel a million times better getting to hear that Sky trusted me with her problems. We stay silent only out somewhat ragged breathing filling the space around us.    

"Because I am jealous." Sky states simply finally letting what she had been feeling out. "I am jealous you want to go to Prom with Addy." She says and looks away from me as I stare up her face.    

"There's nothing to be jealous of." I reassure her and she only snorts in reply.   

"There now you know why I am angry, now what the fuck are you." She asked easing her fingers back into my hair, which gave me the courage to finally tell her.   

"I am a Guardian." I said and her fingers dug deeper into my hair until finally hitting my scalp. We fall silent again and the only thing you can hear is the soft breeze that had started blowing. Soon I look up and see that Sky had fallen asleep with my head on her lap and her fingers in my hair. I ease off her lap and pick her up bridal style. I walk back to her car and set her in the passenger seat, while slipping into the driver seat afterwards. I knew she heard me and right now I was praying she wasn't too drunk that she wouldnt be able to remember. I wanted her to remeber I wanted her to keep the one secret that she wasn't supposed to know. I trusted her with my everything even one of the secrets that if the elders found I had spilled, I would be dead in seconds.       

Author's Note:   

It's been a while since I have updated any of my non-fanfic stories...but I UPDATED!! YAY! for being I am off to go do the stupid reading for my World History class. UGH!   

Now if I get a good response on this chapter I will (MAYBE) update again soon.   

Just a little side note...this story is still currently on hold until I have a little more time so probably until I finish the year for school. But I will try to put up a few little updates on every once in a while...and if I get really good feedback on the chapters...maybe I will started updating even more often :D 

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