Guardian (On Hold)

Skylar Reynolds was born into the a normal world or so she thought, but when a mysterious new guy appeared at Luna High School everything seemed to change. As Skylar's life, she starts to change, she uncovers the truth behind her life. She discovers that not everything was ever as it seemed and that she isn't the normal girl she thought she was. Nothing will ever be the same now that she destined to run one of the most powerful packs in the world of the Guardians. Is she ready for the responsibility that comes being born a guardian or will she crumble under the pressure?


1. The New Kid


“THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS 7!” I scream waking up in the middle of class to everyone laughing at me. I had fallen asleep again, this was the fourth time this week that I had fallen asleep, so I knew what was coming… 

“Ms. Reynolds, I warned you three times before no more of this sleeping in class nonsense go to the office.” My teacher Ms. Saylor commanded as I groan and slowly got out of my seat. 

“And I was really comfy.” I mumbled earning a few laughs from the people around me as I waddle my way out of AP English and down the hall towards the office. This was one of the few time that I was actually walking up to the office for a non nerdy reason, which consisted of the principal usually congratulating me on some big accomplishment. Lately these visit have consisted of serious talks on how I was starting to slack off and that my future was riding on how well I did these next few years. I was a junior in a couple of weeks I will be out for summer leaving only one year between me and my freedom. Apparently I was lacking in my efforts to get into a good college according to my principal who sadly also happened to be my aunt. She had worked here since a few years before my freshmen year and since she thought it was such an amazing school she dragged me here. I had to admit it was actually really nice and I knew most of the people here, but just cause I knew them didn’t mean we were all friends. I only had a small group of friends that I have known since freshmen year. I finally made it to the office as the bell to get out of class rung making the halls fill with all the students that the school held. 

“Hello Sky is there something you need?” asked Caroline my aunt’s assistant who sat at her desk like usually typing up some paperwork. 

“Nah, I was just told to come up to the office because I fell asleep in class again.” I said shrugging and falling into the soft couch outside my aunt’s office waiting for her to come out. 

“I am hope you find our school to your liking it being your first public school and everything.” I heard my aunt’s voice and arched my neck to search for her. She stood at the entrance of her office with a guy who wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a simple white v-neck, his slightly long chocolate brown hair hung in front of his eyes as he listened to my aunt speak.

“Ethan I do believe you will fit right in here. Ah! Sky I was told you were going to be here.” my aunt spoke when she caught sight of me. Her angry glare scared me enough to stand up on my feet in case I needed a quick getaway.

“Excuse me Ethan I will be right back I need to have a quick discussion with my niece.” Great thanks Aunt Laura if this kid even considered talking to me, he surely went against the thought now. 

“ It wasn’t my fault-” I start but get cut off by Laura’s stern face signaling she didn’t’t want excuse she wanted answers, I take a long and tiresome sigh before explaining to her what has been going on. “I can’t help the sleeping I drank over five cups of coffee this morning, it happens suddenly just sleep takes over me and I fall asleep. The thing is I always have the same dream I am running through the forest and there is always a black wolf running alongside me. It’s not chasing me, but running with me following me nipping at my heels as if it was playing with me. I don’t know what it means, but it is always the same dream.” I explain watching my aunts feature loosen and she only manages a nod while taking a deep breath and letting it out. 

“I’ll talk to your mother about that later, how about you show our new student around, that will make up for sleeping in class I believe he has an identical schedule to your’s.” She explains while walking away not even letting me argue.

“Ethan this is my niece Skylar she should have an identical schedule to your’s so she will show you around.” 

“I am Ethan nice to meet you.” He said extending his hand out to me studding me with his easy relaxed nature. 

“Yeah umm…I am Sky.” I said while clasping his hand in mine as shaking it but the moment my skin makes contact with his a shiver hits my spine making me drop his hand and taking about two huge steps backwards. 

“SKY! That was really rude, come back here and apologize.” She exclaimed at my sudden rudeness. 

“Sorry, that was my fault my hands we’re probably just cold.” Ethan excuses my strange reaction, but what it was weird to say that his hands where cold when they were warm as if he had just been standing by a warm fire. I just lower my head and mumble goodbye to my aunt who was watching me as I walked out of the office with Ethan next to me. The moment we walked out of the office everyone's conversations seemed to stop as we walked down the halls and everyone seemed to stop and stare at Ethan. 

"Thank you for saving me back there with my aunt, I didn't mean to be rude, I just..." I stopped in the middle of hall trying to think of what I could tell him since I can't tell him I got a random chill when he shook my hand. 

"It's okay, so what class do we have next?" He asked changing the subject. 

"Lunch!" I said smiling as I almost skipped to my car when I forgot Ethan was coming. "Would you like to come with me and my friends to lunch?" I ask him turning to him as I pull my keys out of my backpack. 

"I don't want to get in the way or cause you any problems I don't mind staying here." He said raising his sliver eyes at me. His eyes were the color of liquid sliver with small flecks of blue in them which made look you were looking at the ocean during the evening. 

"I insist come on hop in we always go to a local diner here and it's amazing you'll love it!" I said as I closed the door to my side as Ethan did the same with his side. 

"Sounds like a lot of fun, but what if your friends don't like me?" He asked. 

"They are the nicest people you could ever met I doubt they will even dislike you." I said shrugging. After a short ten minute drive we arrive at the small diner just on the outskirts of town about a ten minute drive away from the school. 

"Hey Sky." Mrs. Harriet, the owner of the diner greets me as I walk into my very own safe haven. “Hey Mrs. Harriet are the rest of the losers here yet?” I ask making her laugh at me before pointing towards the table we usually sit at. 

“SKKKKYYYYY!!” screamed my best friend Addison screamed from across the diner. 

“Hey Addy!” I said pulling her in for our huge hugs we usually attack each other in. 

“Hi Sky.” Smiled my best guy friend Darren.  

“Dare, where were you when I needed you to save me I got sent to the office for sleeping in class again.” I said scolding him. When the sleeping in class started Darren would always wake me up before anyone noticed since he sits right behind me, but today he was missing in English which led to me being caught.

“I was held back in chemistry Mrs. Nolan wouldn’t let me leave until I wrote up that lab report.” He said shrugging it off as he notices Ethan who was standing a two feet behind me.

“Can we help you?” Darren said almost growling at Ethan who stood up a little taller at his tone. 


“MATTY!” I scream watching Matty walk across the diner only stopping to give Mrs. Harriet a hand carrying our food to the large booth we were all sitting at. 

“Hey Addy, what’s wrong with Darren?” Matty whispered to Addy in her ear while telling her that Jazlyn, Tate, Jessie, and Desiree were on their way here. 

“Oh you guys this is Ethan he’s new at Luna so I thought that it was a good idea to bring him to lunch with me.” I said waving at Ethan that it was safe to come closer to where we all stood.  

“Well welcome Ethan I am Addison but you can call me Addy and this is Matthew but he prefers Matty and this Darren but he prefers-” 

“I prefer Darren nothing else.” Darren interrupts Addy only to glare at Ethan and then get up to go greet the rest of our group that had just arrived. 

“I guess you could call him Darren then…oh this is Jazlyn, Desiree, Jessie, and Tate.” Addy says smiling up at the rest of the our group as they walk in. It was still slightly shocked at the behavior that Darren showed he was never a really friendly person, but he had a nice personality even towards strangers. The way he glared and growled at Ethan scared me that they wouldn’t get along which would be horrible, since Darren could be flat out scary if he didn’t like you.  “

FINALLY FOOD!” Tate said sitting down next to me and started grabbing fries off the plate that had been sitting in front of me for the last ten minutes. “Oh you must be Ethan Addy was telling us about you I am Tate.” He said with a mouth full of fries. 

“TATE! God you eat like a pig.” I said grabbing a napkin and wiping off some ketchup that was on his nose somehow. 

“But you still love me don’t you?” He asks kissing my cheek leaving a smear of ketchup on it too. 

“No, have you gone insane?” I said teasing him. 

“Crazy, crazy for you babe.” He said smiling at me but glancing over at Ethan was staring at us with a frown on his face. Tate and I were best friend nothing more nothing else, and if there was something I knew more than anything is if he only pulled out the pretend boyfriend card it meant he felt threatened by a other guy. What was it with these guys and feeling threatened by Ethan he was just other guy; I hung out with guys all the time why all of sudden are they threatened by Ethan. 

“Ethan you can sit next to me if you want?” I suggested as he only shrugged and sat down next to me while Tate slugged his arm on my shoulder.

“Hey Desiree where’s Jazlyn and Jessie?” I asked her as she sat down across from me with a huge smile on her face as she stared at Ethan who was looking out the window at the passing cars. 

“I don’t know they walked off with Darren.” She said shrugging her shoulders. Silence settled around is until Ethan spoke breaking it. 

“What time do we have to be back at school?” He asked probably since everyone was just goofing around taking their time instead of eating. 

“We have a free period after lunch so we have about three hours until we have to go back to class since lunch is an hour and a half and so is each class.” I explained, but Ethan only nodded his head. 

“Hi I am Jazlyn.” Said the short brunette as she walked over to the table her skirt sparking under the light. ( Her stripped shirt moved with her curves as she demands our attention without saying anything, her confidence seemed to radiate to everyone around her. Ethan just smiles at her and turns his head to me as if asking for my permission to talk. 

“Jazzy this is Ethan he’s new at school.” I said gesturing towards Ethan who does a small wave at her as she sits down across from him. 

“So Skylar whose your new boy toy?” Jessie says sitting across from me as Desiree fixed her dress and sits down next to her leaving Addy, Matty, and Darren on the ends of the large table. Desiree wore a navy lace dress that ended at her knees she wore white heels and had her hair in ponytail with a braid on the side that was held back with a navy bow. Her makeup that was usually light was a little darker today with dark blue sparkly eye shadow a dark pink shade of lipstick staining her lips. (

“Boy toy?” I asked my eyebrows knitted in confusion, but all she did was nod in Ethan’s direction. Jessie’s stared at me as she fixed the black fedora that was sitting on her head, under her auburn curls that were spilling out reaching her mid-back onto her black Rolling Stone t-shirt. She matched that with a pair of leather skinny jeans, a pair of black ankle boots,  and a dangling heart with wings that fell in the middle of her chest. (

“Oh! He’s not my boy toy he’s new at school so I decided to show him around.” I said smiling at Ethan but he only avoided my eyes. 

“Sky, are we still going to the bonfire tomorrow?” Addy asked who was twirling her coral colored ring on her finger. She was one of girly girls out of all of us today she was wearing a lace shirt with a bow on her chest that she paired with a black lace skirt. On her waist she wore a black studded belt and to top off the whole look she wore a peach colored ballet flats. ( ) I on the other hand wore a old pair of Hollister short with a t-shirt that had Originality is Dead written across it, and a gray pair of ballet flats that I bought early this year. My hair that was dyed purple and pink on the tips hung out in waves while a black studded bow held back the hair that usually fell in front of my face; in the center of my chest hung the diamond music note necklace that Tate bought me a few years ago for my birthday. (

“I am planning on going what about you Ethan wanna come to the bonfire?” I asked trying to grab his attention. 

“I don’t know maybe.” He said turning and meeting my eyes with a small glint of anger in them. I barely knew Ethan, but I could easily tell that I had done something to anger him and for some random reason I felt the need to make it right.   




||: A/N    Well…there’s the first chapter to Guardian…you will later find out why it’s called Guardian…Mahwah: ) So…yeah make sure to leave your comments I would really love some feed back! 

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