Guardian (On Hold)

Skylar Reynolds was born into the a normal world or so she thought, but when a mysterious new guy appeared at Luna High School everything seemed to change. As Skylar's life, she starts to change, she uncovers the truth behind her life. She discovers that not everything was ever as it seemed and that she isn't the normal girl she thought she was. Nothing will ever be the same now that she destined to run one of the most powerful packs in the world of the Guardians. Is she ready for the responsibility that comes being born a guardian or will she crumble under the pressure?


2. Regrets?


Chapter 2:   

~Ethan's POV~ 



  "I am under the understanding that young alpha wasn't supposed to have a mate unless that mate happened to be my son?" My father. yelled at the Laura. 

"She doesn't have a mate!" Laura shrieked back at my father. 

"Then why was one of the wolves kissing her and telling her that he was crazy in love with her." I recall the wolf who's name I now knew as Tate kissed her cheek and told her that he was in love with her. She had only teased him back, but that was my mate, mine not his it had pissed me off so much I had to struggle to not shift and tear his throat out. Not because I was out in public that diner was run by Guardians I could tell the minute I walked in Sky hadn't even noticed a thing. She's so innocent and strong, she would make the perfect mate to help me rule the new pack. Now all I had to is make her fall in love with me and have her accept me as her mate, which would be ten times easier if she knew was a guardian. Sky's actually parents had pasted away in battle when she was only a few months old, she had no one to take her in so she was in trusted to a human couple. She grew up not knowing the other side of her the Keepers had a spell on her wolf keeping it dormant until the day they were ready to tell her and from the looks of things that is going to be really soon. 

"Skylar does not have a mate I can assure you that." Laura said anger in her voice that they would offend her niece, unlike the many other relatives she had Laura was the only true relative that Sky had left. It is still a mystery to me why Laura didn't just take Sky in when her parents died, at least I would have been able to grow up with my mate get to know them and their past. Unlike now everything about Sky is a mystery her past, her present, and even her future was all a mystery to me, all the gaps in her life made me curious to what they could hold. It made me wonder what dark secrets or memories does Sky have, she wasn't just a stranger not only to me, but as it seemed also to herself. 

"Then do you want to explain what my son saw because last time I checked only mates kissed and held hands unless your niece is nothing more than a dirty little whore just like her mother was-" 

"FATHER! That is enough Sky is not a whore you take that back!" I scream at my father who only stands taller trying to intimated me into backing down, but I wasn't going to let him insult Sky like that and get away with it. "I mean it father, I will not allow you to insult my mate like that and get away with it." I say to him as calm in a voice I can, but I could feel a growl stirring deep in my chest. 

"I will not be made a fool by you, know your place child." He said before shifting into his wolf form so instead of my father a large gray wolf stood in front of me. My father shifting made me shifted into my wolf form so a large white wolf was in my place. We faced off circling each other waiting until one of us made the first move, but no one seemed move. 

"That is enough!" Shouted Austin as he walked into the room with his sword drawn ready to fight whoever he had too.

"Ethan, I am being serious shift back." He command as anger flew into his features, I reluctantly shifted back into form as my father followed my lead and shifted back too.

"Ethan, can I speak with you?" He asked firmly as he turned and walked away. 

"What is it Austin?" I said walking behind him as I sense the how nervous he was. 

"How is she?" He asked knowing I would know exactly who he is talking about. 

"She's good, happy with her future pack I might say." I said smiling how she so easily lead them without even trying to be the alpha she was born to be. Austin was Skylar's half brother, who was born only four years before Sky had been born, even though Austin was prohibited to seeing Sky that didn't stop him from checking up on her every month. But with everyone very interested in Sky right now he wasn't able to check up on her for the last two months, since we're pretty good friends I promised I would tell him how she is. 

"They are already with her?" He asked rising his stature to my statement. One of the parts of the deal of hiding Skylar from her past was that she was not to know of her pack until she was introduced into the world of the Guardians.

"She isn't suppose to know about them until at least two months from now!" He exclaimed growling towards the end. 

"I know apparently that deal was called off since from what I understand they have been with her since Freshmen year." I said walking out of the office and towards my next class. Luna High School has always been a school for humans and guardians to study only the very best of the go here, but Skylar doesn't have any idea that Guardians are roaming around the halls of her school. 

“That’s really weird though, they rarely ever go back on their deals unless they are truly worried about her not being able to control her powers?” He said as he sat down on the bench that was on the other side of the room. 

“Austin she is going to be the alpha to the most powerful pack of the entire world of the Guardians, I am surprised they haven’t told her who she is yet. I am just hoping she doesn’t over react too much when they finally reveal who she is.” I said sighing loudly and slumping down on the bench next to him as my father walks out of Laura’s office and glares at me before heading down out of the school not even saying a word to me. 


  ~Next Day~ 



  I was walking down the hallway towards my first class which was Creative Writing. I slowed down trying to see if I could catch a glimpse of Sky's brown hair, but came up completely empty as I walked. I knew we had identical schedules, her aunt had made sure that I had every single class with her, but somehow it seemed impossible to find her right now. What if she was Tate kissing him or doing something more, what if she found out who I am and was completely avoiding me? So many different possibilities ran through my mind as I walk into class and don't see her. 

"Ah you must be the my new student Ethan?" Asked the middle aged woman who was sitting at a large desk towards the front of the class. 

"Yeah." I said looking around for Sky, but my thoughts get interrupted by a loud noise coming from what seemed the school's speakers. 

"Good Morning Luna High Wolves today we have a mandatory pep assembly that is being held in the gym after first period. Remember Junior and Seniors that in only two months you have your Prom so make sure to buy your tickets before next month to get it at the discounted price. After this month prices will be $70 for a single and $100 for a couple. On another in two weeks Prom Royalty nominations will start and will keep going until the end of this month make sure to nominated your choice for King and Queen. All future football players there is a mandatory after school in the weight room if you are unable to attend please see Coach Wills. And to all the freshmen today you will be meeting with the school's consolers to set up your schedules for next year. Sophomores you will be meeting them tomorrow, Juniors on Friday and Senior you will be meeting Monday to determine if you will be graduating in May. That's all for today Wolves this is your school ambassador Skylar Reynolds signing off for today. Have a Happy Wednesday!" Sky said finishing as the speakers turn off and everyone starts talking again as I smile and go sit in a empty seat towards the back. She wasn't avoiding me or with Tate, she was just in charge of the school's announcements. About ten minutes after the announcements are over Sky walks into the classroom smiling over at me as she makes her way to me. Today she was wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans with a teal Hollister shirt under a grey blazer that she had the sleeves rolled up slightly. 

"Hey." She greeted with a smile.  "You do the announcements?" I ask as the teacher who I now knew as Mrs. Joyes was babbling on about plot and conflict. 

"Yeah, I have for the last three years." She said smiling at me making the two dimples in her cheek appear. 

"So Prom's coming up?" I said turning the conversation to the real question I wanted to ask since I found out about prom.

"Yeah." She said taking notes on what the teacher was actually saying. 

"Do you have a date already?"   







  ||: A/N   I know I completely suck at writing... So please if there is something you guys dont let please dont be scared to tell me I love feedback:) Oh other note I hope you guys like this story so far it has been very uneventful story so far I am hoping it gets better later:) so yeah thank you for all my awesome readers:) Love,  FallingForYou21 

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