Guardian (On Hold)

Skylar Reynolds was born into the a normal world or so she thought, but when a mysterious new guy appeared at Luna High School everything seemed to change. As Skylar's life, she starts to change, she uncovers the truth behind her life. She discovers that not everything was ever as it seemed and that she isn't the normal girl she thought she was. Nothing will ever be the same now that she destined to run one of the most powerful packs in the world of the Guardians. Is she ready for the responsibility that comes being born a guardian or will she crumble under the pressure?


3. Arrival or Return


Chapter 3   

~Sky's POV~   

Ethan's question had literally left me stunned as I state at him with wide eyes. 

" I don't actually. I wasn't exactly planning on going, but I don't know no one has asked me out so maybe I'll go." I said looking into Ethan's brown eyes which about three different emotions circling around in them. He stayed quiet for a few seconds before saying something l honestly never expected. 

"Oh. Do you know if Addy has a date yet?" He asked while flashing me a small smile. 

"Umm...yeah she doesn't have a date yet, but you never know I maybe wrong." I said looking at the board with such intensity that I was pretty sure made me look like a completely weirdo. We stayed silent the rest of class and when the bell finally rung didn't even wait for Ethan to get up. I just jumped out of my seat and headed to the door to try and escape the sudden pang of anger and jealously Ethan had caused. I was walking to my locker when a strong hand found my wrist an pulled me back. I was ready to scream at Ethan for stopping me, but instead of Ethan it was Darren who stood behind me. 

"Hey, what was the rush?" He asked smirking and slipping his arm around my shoulders. I let out a deep sigh before turning to him. 

"Ethan." I said plainly as I finally reach my locker which wasn't alone, since Ethan stood next to it with his arm crossed against his chest. 

"Do I need to kick his ass or what's going on?" Darren asked angrily from beside me as we walked to my locker. I simple laugh and shake my head at him as I stand next to my locker waiting for Ethan to move. 

"Are you going to move?" I ask impatiently while he only nods his head and moved to lean on the locker next to mine. I quickly turn the combination on my locker, and yank it up as it slams into the locker next to mine. My rage with Ethan was starting to show since Darren was actually able to see how unhappy I was. 

"So Sky what do we have next?" Ethan asks causally leaning against the locker as I grab my Spanish book and slam my locker shut. The sound echoes through the halls as it captures half of the people's attention. They all turn and state at the drama that is about to unfold as I angrily turn to Ethan. 

"Oh! I don't know why don't you go ask Addy!" I shout before grabbing Darren's wrist and pulling him along with me. I was angry, since Addy hadn't been the one who welcomed him into the school. I had to admit I was jealous for some strange reason, and I knew it shouldn't matter since it was Addy. I knew that she wasn't going to with a date with someone who she just meant; she hasn't gone out on a date since freshmen year after a pretty bad breakup. 

"Wait, Sky! Are you jealous?" Ethan said appearing in front of me causing me to bump into his chest. I compose myself and look at his eyes as his lips form a small smirk. I scoff at him as I get closer to his face close enough to be able to hear his calm breaths.

"Listen and listen good Ethan, I don't get jealous," I completely lie, but since I had lied so many times before this one seemed to just flow off my lips. "I don't care who you take to prom. You could take a super model to prom and I wouldn't give one flying fuck. I am not jealous not of you or of my best friend. I am worried that you'll break her heart, and if you do I will personally make you life a loving hell. ¿Comprede?" I state angrily at him as his smirk turns into a subtle smile. I just glare at him as he looks at me and then strangely my lips? I frown at him before walking off with Darren close behind me, but I didn't get to far since Ethan pulled me back.

"You never told me what class we have next." He said running his finger over the skin on my wrist which seemed to have a calming affect on me. 

"She said to leave her alone." Darren growled at Ethan. I rip my wrist back and place it on Darren's chest as I try to calm him down.

"Do you not understand that she doesn't want to see you." Darren yelled as a very animalistic growl formed in his chest. 

"Darren calm down you're growling like a dog." I said looking into Darren's eyes which are usually a light blue grey color seemed to be a dark blue and green color. 

"Or maybe like a wolf?" Ethan said smirking at Darren before patting his shoulder and walking off down the hall. I glare at Ethan's figure as it disappears into the sea of other students. After he fully disappears I turn towards Darren who seemed to be fuming over what had just happened. He had said "like a wolf" what does a wolf have to do with anything at all? Maybe it was a code word for something, but they can't have code words since I doubt Darren would even give him the time of day.

"Dare, you okay?" I ask him which causes him to shake his head before grumbling something about being late to class. I start walking to the Foreign Language Department which was across the campus so I had a pretty long walk ahead of me. I pass by at least all of the department until finally making it to the Foreign Language one. I step into the classroom where Ethan already sat flirting with a blonde whose was laughing at him with a small smile. I was pretty sure the girl's name was Alice, her honey blonde hair was down in beach waves and she wore a simple slightly revealing tops that she paired with a pair of shorts. I avoid looking or passing by him as I walk to my seat which was conveniently on the other side of the room. The room was slightly silent due to the fact that no one had arrived yet, but I liked it that way. My seat had a good view of the field where the soccer team was currently doing a quick practice. All three of the guys played soccer, but because Darren was currently failing Chemistry he was off the team until he got his grades up. Matty and Tate on the others and were fully dedicated to soccer so much that they did all in their power to stay and be the best on the team. They were currently out doing some drills, with the girl's soccer team and although a lot of them where to busy flirting with the guys. Tate was actually focused on getting through the drills and not dying. He got a lot of attention from the girls and I honestly do understand. It's funny though if Tate is out with anyone else they still flirt with him, but when I am around him all the girls seemed to stay away.  "Darren doesn't like sharing does he." Ethan whispers in my ear making goose bumps suddenly appear on my skin. I don't respond but keep my eyes locked on Tate and his figure as the girls check him out, there was a particular dark haired girl that seemed to cling to him. 

"Do you want something?" I ask him rudely as I turn my attention to him, but regret it quickly. His lips were formed into a frown and his eyebrows were in knitted together in confusion. His eyes held a dull color as he felt physical pain, I felt bad honestly I did, but that didn't mean I was going to apologize. 

"Sky, did I say something to make you mad?" He asked in a innocent voice. I took a deep breath and controlled my emotions until I was able to force a friendly smile on my face. I turn to face Ethan and once he saw my smile his eyes seemed to brighten a bit. 

"Nothing is wrong Ethan, I am just...worried?" I ask myself because I truly did not know what was going on with me. Was I angry or jealous or disappointed; I honestly didn't know all I know is I felt unhappy. 

"Are you sure?" He asked as my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and turned it on silent before reading the text.   

From: Tate!!   

Is he bothering you?   

I looked at the window and found Tate staring at me with concern deep in features. I smile at him, but I doubt he is able to see my smile from so far away. I shake my head at him and he seems to relax a little bit, but glares at Ethan before reluctantly turning to focus back on the drills. 

“Hola clase! hoy vamos…” The teacher greets, but I quickly zone her out as Ethan takes the seat behind me. The rest of Spanish goes by pretty quickly, and it only had some interruptions from Ethan who was determined to figure out what was “wrong”. He was still oblivious to the reason on why I kept ignoring him; after Spanish I decide to just ditch school and head back home. My parents were away for the next two month a cruise for their anniversary, so I was home alone for that time. They trusted me to be able to maintain the house and just go to school. I was an only child so no one else but me and my parents lived her. We were wealthy I’ll admit that; we lived in the high end side of town along with all of my friends, well everyone except Cassie who lived in the middle class of the town. I start the fifteen minute drive home as I pull my iPhone into my car and All Time Low starts playing.   


So what I am supposed to do, uh oh

When she's so damn cold, like twenty below?

That girl, that girl, she's such a bitch

I tell myself I can handle it

But where am I supposed to go, uh oh

When she throws me out and it's twenty below?

That girl, that girl, she's such a trick

But I can't lie I'm in love with it

That girl, oh-oh That girl, oh-oh

That girl, oh-oh That girl, that girl  


I pull into the gates of my neighborhood just as the song ends and I shut the music off, since the neighbors wouldn’t be very happy if I drove in with music blasting. 

“Hello Sky, you’re home early?” Earl the security guard states while opening the gates to allow me to pass. 

“Hey Earl, and ummm…yeah I just started having a really bad day so I decided to come home and cool off.” I shrug as he nods his head and waves me through. As I drive down the street I cant help but look around and see that almost everything in this neighborhood was identical matching each other. No originality or personality was seen in the houses, each one looked liked the other. I shake this off and instead I finally reach my house which was silent and alone, due to the lack of people in it. I sit in my car for about a minute just taking in everything, before shutting off the engine and getting out. My parent were one of those safety freak people, so our lock was fingerprint activated. The first thing I do when I get inside is lock the door and head towards my room. I walk into my bath and shut the door behind me before slipping out of my clothes and jumping into the shower. The shower was my escape from the world, it was like a warm peaceful place that my thoughts could never be interrupted. I let the water attack my skin and warm it up after about thirty minutes I decide that I was calm enough. So I walk out and slip into a new outfit, which consisted of a simple pair of skinny jeans, a long sleeve shirt was pink, black, and white. I decide to throw my new converse that I had gotten on my last trip to my mall last week; I also placed my necklace that had a small gold pendant on it and my “Hate” wristband. I walk back down the stairs into my kitchen to grab something to eat since I had skipped breakfast. As I grab a slice of pepperoni pizza that I had made the night before and a bottle of water. I leaned against the large island in my kitchen scrolling down Facebook. I had been scrolling so quickly that I almost missed a status that Addy had posted about twenty minutes ago.   

Addison Whitman:   

There comes a time in a girl’s life where she needs to just move on.   

I glare at the phone before clicking the icon to post a new status and angrily type in the status.   

Skylar Reynolds:   

Not everyone is as they seem there are a lot of fake people out there be careful who you befriend   

I press post and almost instantly about ten people liked the status and I smile hoping that the person who that was intended to sees it.  Ethan had friended me on Facebook on the ride back from the diner yesterday so I knew he would be able to see it. I shove my phone into my back pocket, before washing the plate that I had used. I grab my keys on the way out and decide to go down to the wine cellar and grab a bottle of Vodka before walking into my car. I turned it on and start driving with no actually destination in mind, as though I am a zombie I drive out of my neighborhood and down the streets. I let my muscles take control of my mind until I finally pull into a stop at the mountain that is known as “Killer Hill.” I was the home of a large pack of wolves and anyone who ventured in usually turned up dead or just never was seen again. I grab the bottle of alcohol and take a swing of the still cold liquid as it burns down my throat. It didn’t bother me, instead of rejecting the feeling, I welcomed it as I stepped out into the forest and probably into my own death. I take a few more swings of the bottle and soon a small buzz fills my body as the howl of the wolves start in the background. I felt welcomed as if they were howling at my arrival or maybe even my return?   




||:A/N  Well…after almost a month I updated! I know I am absolutely horrible at updating, plus this chapter sucks!! I AM SO SORRY! But I want to try something! I want at least 5 more likes and favorites before I start writing the new chatper:D So get to liking and favoriting!!    

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