Watch out!!

It was just a typical day of school in London ! I was a huge one direction fan as you know I was about to graduate high school I just turned 18 with my besties Jamie and Leslie I was so excited I was gradutating high school 5 days before graduation it was lunch time I met up with my bf named Alex this random blonde girl sits next to him kissing him on the lips and saying I love you !:) I stand up and tears fell down my face I yelled YOU DIRTY CHEATER AND I FELL FOR YPUR TRICKS IM SO STUPID WERE OVER!!! I ran away from the school and just started to cry in some ones lawn

Harry's pov:
I was getting ready to take a shower until I hear a girl crying I quickly went down stairs and opened the door she quickly got up and said I'm sorr- and everything went quite oh like I was saying I'm sorry sir!she just started to walks away wait I said
She stopped and looked at me


3. Hanging out with him

My pov: I quickly fell asleep I heard my mom waking me up and saying hey your brother sent you something it was a Saturday I looks in the box and saw the cutest dress ever I called my brother and thanked him for the dress a few hours later Harry called me and said want to go to the movie theatre I replied saying yes I quickly got in the shower and to got my clothes ready I wore some jean shorts and a shirt that showed half of my stomach I blow dryed my hair and straightened it I curled some part then I put on red lip stick some blush and some eyeliner I put very little but of makeup because I don't really like makeup I texted Harry I'm ready and he replied be there in 5 ;)

Harrys pov:
She texted me she was ready and I went to her house she came out and my mout dropped it was such an amazing view I couldn't believe she dressed amazing so we went to the theatre and watched Ted we laughed our asses off then we went out to eat and asked her if she'd be my gf she said yes I'm so glad she said yes I took her home and kissed her on the lips it felt so amazing she had soft lips and the kiss was passiontiate
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