Kidnapped, With One Direction?

18 year old Marilynn Lowes, was walking home from school one day. Little did she know that she would be kidnapped with the boys her friends drool over, but she doesn't even care about. Will she escape with them, or not survive and have to sacrifice whats coming for her? Read more to find out.


1. What just happened to me?

*Marilynn's POV*

           Hello. My name is Marilynn Lowes. Im just a regular that goes to a regular school, Micha High school. I am bullied, pushed around. Nothing is good about my life at all. My friends always fuss over this stupid boy band, I mean whats the point? They are a pointless stupid boyband, and apparently I have heard they are gay. Im not positive though. Why do I even say "friends". I only have 1 friend, and her name is Katy. Shes really nice, but she doesn't get picked on like me. I get kicked all the time, slapped, and be called "Bitch!" and "Slut! Your an ugly whore." Words hurt, and will stay locked in my brain forever. I can't ever get it out, no matter how hard I try. I have never cut before, because I think that if I hurt myself, when I get older it will just bring back memories. I just don't know what to do. Katy has helped me through all the grief and pain of me, and has convinced me not to kill myself, or harm myself in anyway. She says just to shake them off, and continue with your life, because you deserve much better than selfish cunts like them. 



       I was happily walking down the hallway, hoping no one would come up and hurt me. But oh boy, I was wrong. Hillari pushed me up against the lockers. "OUCH.!" I winced in pain. It hit on my right shoulder blade, causing it to make a CRACK sound. It hurt like someone was stabbing you 1,000 times. I shot daggers with my stare at her, and she shot them back. She just kept looking into my eyes, and then kneeled me in the stomach. I didn't want to show any pain, so I just fell to the floor, or so she threw me to the ground, and I just layed there waiting for someone to help me. 

"No one is gonna help you, bitch." Hillari said as she kicked me in the stomach with her heels. I couldn't stand being here with these horrid people anymore. I needed to leave, and run away, just from life. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I stood up, faced her. I was going to slap her, but I questioned my self. 'Should I ?' I questioned silently to myself. I looked at her, and started to cry. I just cried, and she did nothing. Then it was time. I slapped her with all my force I could, and She fell to the ground, holding the side of her cheek. "HA!" I screamed as I ran down the hallway. I ran as fast as my skinny legs could take me, and finally reached the front door. My mom and dad were rich, but left me in a flat on the other side of London. They told me if I wanted to, I could. My life would be so much better if there were no bullies, and I was just rich. Plain and simple.

I ran further and further, until I reached the sidewalk, off of the school grounds. I pulled out my phone and put my ear buds in, and just listened to some pop bands. Then an unfamiliar song came on. I looked down at my phone and the title read 'Live While We're Young - One Direction' I huffed and wondered how it got there. Of course, who else would put it there? Katy would. Maybe its a sign that she wants me to like them? Ha! I never will. This song was pretty catchy, but not my type of music. I liked it a little bit, it was better than most of their songs I heard blasting from Katy's room all the time when I was video chatting with her. 

I walked on the cold sidewalk, and I was about 3 blocks away from my flat. Safe and sound, finally. But just as I was about to cross the deserted street, and white van started zooming down it and almost hit me. I stumbled forward and face planted into the concrete below me. "Fudgerr nuggets!" I screamed as I rubbed my nose. I turned my head, to be looking at really dirty shoes, and then slowly made my way up the body, to a very disgusting face. It looked like he hadn't shaved in days, wait scratch that. WEEKS. It was so disturbing, I couldn't even look at him without gagging. His crooked green and brown teeth showed as he went to grab me. I tried my best to get up and run the fuck for my life, but I failed horribly. He grabbed me by the hem of my shirt, and tugged me to the car. Yuck! His breath smelled like mold and mildew. Ugh it was horrible. He put a rope in my mouth. and tied my arms together. The last thing I thought before getting into the car was..

Oh shit....

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