Kidnapped, With One Direction?

18 year old Marilynn Lowes, was walking home from school one day. Little did she know that she would be kidnapped with the boys her friends drool over, but she doesn't even care about. Will she escape with them, or not survive and have to sacrifice whats coming for her? Read more to find out.


3. The Horror.

    Harry started looking around frantically, probably because he was so frightened. I started humming to myself 'Fix A Heart' by Demi Lavato. She is my insperation. I sing just like her, and in my opinion, I think I am pretty good at singing. "What the-..What is going on here?" Harry said. still looking around frantically like he was before.

"As you can see, we are currently in the back of a van? What else." I snapped. These kids aren't making me a happy camper, just gotta say that. I still have my backpack with me, so I opened it up and looked for food. Thankfully, in my back pocket I found 3 granola bars. I took them out and looked at each of them. All of them were smores. Hmmmm my favorite. I started opening them when someone coughed. 

"What?" I said and looked at the person who it came from, being Niall. "I just....w-well Im kinda hungry can I have some...." He said and looked at me with those blue orbes, puppy dog eyes. I couldn't resist, so being the good person I am I gave him one. "Split it with Harry, Zayn you split it with Liam, and I will share with Louis." I said and everybody started munching on their halves of the granola bars. 

After our munching of the granola bars, we felt the van shake. Oh god, that scared me to the core, I swear. "OMG WE ARE GONNA BE KILLED!!!" I yelled, maybe a bit too loudly.  "SHHH..." Niall whisper/yelled. "You're not helping." I whispered back to him, and he just smirked. "GET OUT KIDS." One of the men yelled. Omg we are gonna be killed, and then we are gonna be like raped or something...Oh my god. 

He opened the doors up, to us being stood out in an empty field, with a small red barn on the side. It was horrible looking. It looked like nobody has even stepped foot inside of the thing in centuries. They dragged us in there, and started tying ropes to the ceiling. Then proceeded to putting buckets under our feet. They instructed me to put my hands through the loop, and then put tape over my mouth. Ok, you will get out. 

*****30 MINUTES LATER*****


I was still hanging. I had nothing to do but hang here, and watch the rest of the boys sit in the corner and watch me slowly fall to my death. The people said that if they helped me in any way, that they would kill them. I couldn't even think about it, it was just so disheartening. I have been hanging here for maybe about 30 minutes or so, and it was horrible. It feels like it has been hours and hours of me hanging here, but nooooo. 

One of the kidnappers entered the room with a knife. 'OH GOD.' I pleaded to myself. The boys were instructed to go into a glass covered room, sound proof and everything. Wow, so they have enough money to get a sound proof room, but not enough money to fix this hell hole up? Wow....

He came over with the knife in his hand, and held it up to my neck. 'So this is how its gonna end?' I sighed silently to myself, and prayed to god that he wouldn't kill me, or hurt me in anyway. But nope! He wouldn't listen. He lifted my shirt up, and sliced into my stomach a star shape. It hurt like hell, but then my body went numb, so I didn't feel a thing. I saw all of the boys pounding on the glass, and Niall mouthing, well probably screaming 'NOOOOO!'. I couldn't tell. 

But then I had a second thought. What if....I got myself out of this situation. Then I had a thought. The imaginary light bulb popped up above my head, and then...with all the strength I had left in my body, I kicked him with all my force and he went flying backwards, and hit the backwall with a 'UFHH'. I felt complete, and the knife somehow landed inside my boot, but the pointy end facing up. I just simiply blew the tape off of my mouth, and the boys rushed out, but the kidnapper was out cold. Harry took the knife from my boot and started slicing the ropes from my hands so I could slip out. The wounds on my stomach were horrible, and I was laying there in ripped skinny jeans, boots and my bra. Yeah not so pleasant. Maybe to me, but the boys were probably staring at me. Oh god why. I fell to the ground and landed in Louis' arms. I felt safe and protected. I brought my also wounded hands to my chest and just silently cried myself to sleep.

Thanks for reading my story if you did! I don't really get on the computer often so I won't be updating that much. Really only when I get the chance to. Thanks all of the readers!! :) xx

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