Kidnapped, With One Direction?

18 year old Marilynn Lowes, was walking home from school one day. Little did she know that she would be kidnapped with the boys her friends drool over, but she doesn't even care about. Will she escape with them, or not survive and have to sacrifice whats coming for her? Read more to find out.


2. Not cool.

     I woke up to still be in the backseat of the stupid van I just got kidnapped in. Who kidnaps an innocent little girl -not really...- that was just walking down the street from her bullies? Only sick people who must be crazy and should be in a mental hospital.

I took in my surroundings, and it was mostly like pitch black in the back of the van. Nothing new. I heard something shuffle, and it scared the shit outta me. "HOLY FUDGE HELP ME!" I screamed as loud as possible. Now instead of just a little shuffle, I heard even more! It sounded like other people were in the car with me. Hmm...I thought I was the only one in the car though? Oh well. Maybe they are other girls that were kidnapped along with me because this person is totally cray cray. 

The kidnappers weren't in the van at all, but it sounded like other people were. "Hello?" A thick Irish accent said. He sounded quite worried. WAIT HOLD UP. 'HE' ? Im in a van with boys? Oh hell to the no. 

"Hi......" I said shyly. What if he was cute? Wait Mari, you can't think that if you haven't seen him yet. Oh well. "Whos der?" He said again, witch startled me just a little bit. "Uhh my name is Marilynn...." I said quietly, hoping that he didn't hear me. But of course he did, hurr durr. 

"Oh hai, my name is Niall Horan. And if you didn't know there are my mates in here, One Direction." He said. WOAH WAOH WOAH WOAHH. NO. Did he just say.......One Direction? Oh god no. 'Please god don't make me be kidnapped with these crazy people.' I pleaded silently to myself.

I looked at all four of them sleeping peacefully, and then stared back at Niall. "You really think this is a good thing?" I said calmly. Of course it wasn't, why would it be? Pftt.

"Well no, but are you a fan or are you gonna sc-" I cut him off and said "OF COURSE NOT. I have never heard your music before, and frankly I never will." I said and crossed my arms. Of course I wouldn't like them. Ok, I have only heard one of their songs, and it goes "THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL." and they sounded like dying chipmunks I swear. (A/N: no offence, they are so talented in my opinion.) 

All of the boys started waking up. Oh god. This is going to be a very long night.

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