Kidnapped, With One Direction?

18 year old Marilynn Lowes, was walking home from school one day. Little did she know that she would be kidnapped with the boys her friends drool over, but she doesn't even care about. Will she escape with them, or not survive and have to sacrifice whats coming for her? Read more to find out.


6. Are you ok...

"Are you ok?" Niall asked while he looked at me with concern.

"Yes, Im totally fine..." I said and got up. I whipped off my butt in case there was any dirt on it or anything.

"Ok, just checking.." He said and looked down at his feet. He gave them a little shuffle and then looked back up at me. It just got really awkward. But good thing Liam was around, he fixed it.

"Guys, are you just gonna be all lovey-dovey, or are we gonna escape?" Liam said, and whispered the last part. 

"Oh yes!" I said and fist pumped. "Of course!" I exclaimed again and started to run to a window that was open in the corner. If only I could get this open...

I started yanking on every single of the corners, tried smashing it open, EVERYTHING. NOTHING WOULD EVEN MOVE. Theres this stupid spinny thing in the middle but I DOUBT it does anything...

"Um, well it does." Niall pointed out. He walked over, pushed me a side, and then spun around the knob and the window actually fell off in the process of trying to spin it. 

"Finially!" I screamed and jumped out. Ahhhh fresh air. FINALLY. FRESH. AIR.

"Ahh fresh air!" Niall said as he jumped out the window. Same with Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn. We all did a little happy dance before something inturrupted us.  

A loud bang.

Oh my god. Were all gonna die...


"What was that..." Niall whispered so low that only us 6 could hear. We all started looking around until my eyes landed on the window. There, stood a very, very, did I mention very...ANGRY looking kidnapper.

"Ima get you.." He screetched and then we all made a run for it. We kinda went our spreate ways, But of course I got paired with Niall. 

We started running faster and faster until we all got to a dead end road. We all screemed, but I looked foward more and I saw woods.

"Guys lets go in the woods!" I whispered just so everybody around me could hear. Didn't want any unexpected visitors.

"Ok," Liam agreed. Wee all kinda ran in and looked around the place, well theres really nothing to look at. Its all woods.

This is going to be an adventure.

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