valley of the sun

Set in the year 4049, on a planet named Gairen populated by humans, Renko the native species, and a hybrid species known as Renmen.

Upon reaching his 50th birthday Sebastian, A young Renman, sets out on a voyage to a place his grandfather spoke of with awe and wonder. The Beautiful town of Eiren where the golden marigolds bloom, what was it about this strange place that his grandfather treasured the memory of for so long? and what else will his journey lead him to?


2. Secrets

I wonder why only we the Renmen must live with this curse, the curse of living 600 years. Our kind are few and far between, and worse the Renko and Humans threaten our lives on a daily basis. Why must we live in such solitude, or suffer the loss of our loved ones time and time again if we dare to befriend their kind? Sebastian thought to himself as he lay down to enjoy the comfort of a real bed for the first time since he had set out almost a year ago. Well I suppose some questions are better left unanswered, and with that he tucked himself in and swiftly fell asleep.

The next morning Sebastian awoke to the pleasant sound of the mago chirping, mago are an unusual sort of bird resembling a pheasant, it is said that the their mating call can mend a broken heart and that eating the eggs of a mago will cure infertility in women.

Looking around his room and noticing the beautiful carved wooden furniture and embroidered curtains he felt almost as if he was home. His grandfather had worked as a wood cutter for many years and though his memories of her were hazy, the one thing he could recall about his grandmother was her skilful embroidery.

Well I best get ready, I have a full day of exploring ahead of me and it would be a shame to miss breakfast.

After entering the corridor he hastily made his way downstairs, the aroma of the kitchen invaded his nose which made him somewhat ravenous.

“Marigold, are you around?” he called,

“Hello!, Hello!, Hello!” Bounding towards him and shrieking all the way was a most peculiar looking creature.

“Um hello who are you?”

“I'm Peko, Marigold isn't in right now but she shouldn't be long, I can make you some breakfast if you'd like to wait?”

“Sure that'd be nice thank you.” Upon closer inspection of the round, furry creature before him he thinks this may have been the wrong reply. How could such a stubby creature possibly cook a meal? What have I let myself in for?

Enjoying the calm atmosphere and melodic sounds of the morning he started to think of the life he had left behind. This really is like home he thought I wonder if I shall ever return to Enten, but I'd be made a fool of if I were to return without a mate.

“Ready!” Peko interrupted, handing Sebastian a surprisingly grand looking breakfast platter.

“Thank you, and Peko there is something I've been meaning to ask. You see my grandfather came here in his youth, he told me of a valley filled with golden marigolds could you tell me is it still here? And if so where would I find it?”

“That is none of your business” Marigold butted in, slamming the door behind her.

“Welcome back Marigold but why are you mad? I'd just like to see it.”

“It has nothing to do with you!” she shouted as she ran upstairs.

“Listen here dear boy, there are many secrets in Eiren, dark secrets that one such as yourself ought not to get involved in. If you truly seek answers there is a wise man who lives in the next village, past the woods. But be warned you may learn more than you wish to know,” Peko said with a worryingly serious expression on his face.

“Thank you Peko, I'll keep that in mind, but this is something I feel I must do.”


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