valley of the sun

Set in the year 4049, on a planet named Gairen populated by humans, Renko the native species, and a hybrid species known as Renmen.

Upon reaching his 50th birthday Sebastian, A young Renman, sets out on a voyage to a place his grandfather spoke of with awe and wonder. The Beautiful town of Eiren where the golden marigolds bloom, what was it about this strange place that his grandfather treasured the memory of for so long? and what else will his journey lead him to?


1. Eiren

“It's time, I'll sail west to the place the old man spoke of, the magnificent valley in Eiren where golden marigolds bloom” Sebastian said to himself. “With calm weather like this I should be there in a day or two”, it had been many months since young Sebastian had set out on his voyage, and he had seen many things on his travels, but none as captivating as the sight he would soon behold.

The planet Gairen holds life to Humans, Renko who are native to Gairen and Renmen who are part Human and part Renko, Renmen having the longest natural lifespan of approximately 600 years. Sebastian being a Renman is still young, in Thero he will be 51. Much like Earth on Gairen there are 4 seasons in each year Ano, Thero, Poro and Chei.

It was coming to the end of Ano, or Spring as it would be known on Earth. The sun shone brighter and hotter with each and every passing day. With only the fish in the sea for company the loneliness in Sebastian's heart had grown ever greater too.

As he had predicted by sunset the next day he had reached the land of Eiren, which Sebastian had heard much about from his late grandfather.

“At last!” He cried whilst docking his ship, “I shall see with my own eyes the wondrous sight that grandfather spoke of.” Stepping onto the shore he couldn't contain his excitement.

“Wondrous sight? in Eiren? I'm afraid your grandfather was pulling your leg sir, you
ought to turn back now. I'm telling you the villagers will have your head! pfft wondrous sight indeed. Now get going we don't take kindly to outsiders, especially ones who walk around spouting nonsense.” The cynical voice seemed to echo from behind a very large pile of driftwood.

“Excuse me?” said Sebastian, “Could you come where I can see you? I feel awfully silly having a conversation with a pile of driftwood.”

“Hmph why should I?” retorted the mysterious stranger, who Sebastian was fairly sure wasn't hiding in the detritus for fun.  
“I should have known better than to go making conversation with an outsider, but very well if you insist I suppose you deserve that much.”

Slowly the figure of a young woman, quite obviously a Renman emerged from behind the pile of driftwood.
Sebastian gasped in awe, never before had he seen anyone or anything quite so breathtaking,
With hair of spun gold, eyes like sapphires, and skin as pure as pearls by all rights this girl was the definition of beauty

“Well then aren't you going to tell me your name?” she snapped “I'm Marigold, just so your know”
“Ah y-yes” he stuttered coming to his senses “I'm Se-Sebastian, nice to meet you Marigold, you wouldn't happen to know of a place I can stay the night would you?” Not wanting to let the beautiful woman out of his sight this was the best excuse he could come up with
“I thought I already told you to get going! oh what have I done? I suppose if you have no intentions of leaving I don't have much choice. Come with me there's an inn next to the village bakery.” With that the pair left for the village.   

Upon entering the village it was plain to see Sebastian was not welcome at all, the villagers who seemed to have no sense of personal space crowded around, whispering between one another and shooting disapproving glances towards the pair.
“ENOUGH” Marigold shouted  in a rather authoritative tone, it seemed to do the trick as the crowd hurriedly parted and a deathly silence ensued

“What was all that about?” Sebastian asked after getting out of earshot of the villagers, “I told you did I not? That they'd have your head? The villagers here believe that outsiders bring catastrophe.
Worse still you're a Renman! Do you know what the humans and the  Renko would give to drink your blood? They think it makes them live as long as we do,  ridiculous as that sounds. You're lucky you ran into me, I live with the family who runs the inn, if not you'd surely be killed during the night.”

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