Take your time, and get with the times.

Gaming. It divides people. People always assume that gaming is about sitting in a chair and wasting hours away, but is gaming really like that?

Is gaming really worth all the uproar about our generation? Read on for my thoughts.


1. An outdated view that really needs to change.


At the risk of dividing many readers thoughts within one line of my opening post; I play computer games. I know, I know. I know it's not physically healthy. I know that I need to make sure that I move my legs every 5 minutes so that I don't develop a cocktail of diseases and conditions that come from 'sitting still too long'. I know that this has a very high risk of making me socially awkward. I know that, perhaps, there are more important things to learn than how to handle yourself in a zombie apocalypse or space mission. And I don't care.

Hobbies are sometimes very controversial, anybody who has skinny dipped in Iran would back me up. But the fact that gaming is often looked down upon, as though it's the wart on what could otherwise be a thriving modern generation seems senseless to me. Okay, so you hear the odd story about people playing World of Warcraft for three days straight, but there's always a muppet in the room of sensibility.

So what is gaming good for? Well, this is one of the most unanswered questions of this century. Not every game will, but they do generally develop you mentally. You solve problems for fun, so you won't be phased by a new challenge. You can plan ahead. You automatically know what your strengths and weaknesses are in given situations, and also know how to adapt in them. These are all aspects that you can take away from your virtual world and use them in your real life.

The thought that gaming turns people into hermits isn't credible. They don't make you sit and drivel every day for the rest of your life. They're a way of relaxing, and helping you unwind when real life gets, well, rather boring. They don't destroy your life in any way, it's your own choice to make and you certainly don't need games to make that choice. I'm a gamer, I can still sing a song and dance about it. People claim that games are addictive, and they can be, but sensible people know when to hit the power button and to do something else. Nobody quits their job for a game, nobody gives up in education for a game, and nobody stops caring because of a game. A persons nature is a persons nature and it takes more than one simple game to change that.

Finally I would have to ask, what are the good old days, and why are they so great? There's a reason the world moved forward in terms of technology, and people act differently now than how they used to. We aren't a lazy generation, we just act differently to what is perceived to be the 'right way' to do things when it's actually just a completely different perspective. Gamers often read and write for hobbies. You'll find many gamers are musicians, myself included.  Gaming doesn't define who you are or what you do, it's simply what it had always set out to be; a hobby.

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