Dream Run

**well that's my first story and I hope you enjoy it xxx** That story is about a 17 year old girl called Lizz :) Her mother died in a car accident when she was 11. Now she lives with her father Bob. She had a brother aswell but he moved to San Franciso because he didn't really wanted to stay in london with her and theire father. You can't really say that Bob was a good man he punched Lizz everytime she did something wrong. Lizz wanted to run away and planed that night a whole month but her father saw her and I think that you can expect that he didn't like that. Go ahead if you want know how she meets the boy of her dreams while she's running for her live ;) AN: I am sorry I know I am not a good english writer because I'm from germany xxx


9. telling her


I am sure that I like her because she was so nice to Liam and I am just having a good feeling when I am around her and she is the most beautiul girl I have ever met. I had to tell her NOW because if I won´t I will get crazy. ,, Lizz can we talk?" ,,Yeah sure what´s wrong?" ,,Well I ...uhh... I really like you... if you understand. Not just like LIKE I don´t know but I think I do have more feelings for you than just LIKE...and I wanted to  know if you might feel the same aout me without thinking of me as the famouse Harry Styles.. you know?" ,, Hahahaha" ,, Whats so funny if you don´t like me then you can just tell me you don´t need to laugh about my feelings" I was a bit upset. ,, No harry I am not laughing because of youre feelings for me, it´s just..." ,, It´s just what?" ,, let me finish Harry.. - It´s just I like you to and I was just about to tell you the same what you just told me that´s why I was laughing." ,, Oh I am sorry then.. well so I was hoping that you would say that so I have another question..." without thinking I just grabbed her  face with my hands and kissed her lips and YES she was kissing back :). ,, ... No there are 2 questions : 1. You liked that ?? :)) hahaha no joke ;D no but now without joking uhmm... do you .. do you want to be my... girlfriend??? " I just couldn´t look into her eyes while I was asking because I was to scared about her answere but then... she just kissed me on the lips and said ,, Yes Harry I would love to be youre girlfriend and about that 1. question YES I liked it :) " into the kiss while we both smiled until we had to pull away because we were out of breath.

I can finally call her mine. :)

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