Dream Run

**well that's my first story and I hope you enjoy it xxx** That story is about a 17 year old girl called Lizz :) Her mother died in a car accident when she was 11. Now she lives with her father Bob. She had a brother aswell but he moved to San Franciso because he didn't really wanted to stay in london with her and theire father. You can't really say that Bob was a good man he punched Lizz everytime she did something wrong. Lizz wanted to run away and planed that night a whole month but her father saw her and I think that you can expect that he didn't like that. Go ahead if you want know how she meets the boy of her dreams while she's running for her live ;) AN: I am sorry I know I am not a good english writer because I'm from germany xxx


22. Tell the boys

( I will just skip to the evening :D )

Harry's POV:

We had a great time at the cinema and just came back to the hotel. I told the boys to wear suits and I bought a really nice dress for Lizz a few days ago when I also bought the ring. It was strapless , dark blue and a pink belt. It was really beautiful and I knew that she has a pair of dark blue Heels so I bought it. Lizz went in to the bathroom to change and I quickly changed aswell. ,, Wow" was the only thing I brought out of my mouth when she walked out of the bathroom. She looked so amazing in that dress and her hair was curled. ,, You look amazing babe" ,, Thanks" she said and giggled. ,, Ready to go?" ,, Yeah sure c'mon" she answered and I grabbed her hand and walked out the door. We met the boys in the restaurent and we were late so we had to drive quick.
When we arrived the boys were already there. Lizz was really exited so we decided that I would tell them as soon as we arrive. When we were at our table and ordered our drinks I looked at Lizz and she looked at me , we both smiled and she nodded so I decided to tell them now. ,, Boys? Me and Lizz want to tell you something. Ehm.. well we are engaged" I said and couldn't help but smile.
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