Dream Run

**well that's my first story and I hope you enjoy it xxx** That story is about a 17 year old girl called Lizz :) Her mother died in a car accident when she was 11. Now she lives with her father Bob. She had a brother aswell but he moved to San Franciso because he didn't really wanted to stay in london with her and theire father. You can't really say that Bob was a good man he punched Lizz everytime she did something wrong. Lizz wanted to run away and planed that night a whole month but her father saw her and I think that you can expect that he didn't like that. Go ahead if you want know how she meets the boy of her dreams while she's running for her live ;) AN: I am sorry I know I am not a good english writer because I'm from germany xxx


25. Niall?

Lizz POV:

Niall stood up from the table and walked out of the restarent. I looked at the boys and they looked all kinda worried so I told them that I would go after Niall. I followed Niall out of the restarent and found him on a little bench next to a big tree. I sat next to him and saw that he was crying. ,, Niall what's wrong?" I asked but he didn't answer. ,, Please Niall you can tell me everything" I said and put my hand on his shoulder. He quickly pulled away and looked back at the ground. He started to cry even harder so I tried it for the 3. time ,, Niall please..." but then he jumped up from the bench. ,, You just don't get it, do you?! " he yelled as tears started to form in my eyes. ,, Niall what are you talking about?!" I yelled back even though I didn't want to yell at him. ,, Just forget it Lizz it doesn't matter" he said and walked away but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. I pulled him hard so he was only a few inches away from me. ,, Lizz you really don't get it do you?" he asked again. ,, No niall I have no Idea what you are talking about!" ,, I LOVE YOU" he yelled as tears streamed down his cheeks. I didn't know how to react or what to say but then I felt his soft Lips on mine. I tried to pull away because I knew this wasn't right but he was to strong. When he pulled back I wanted to yell at him but then I heard someone behind me and when I turned around, Harry was standing in front of me with tears in his eyes.
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