Dream Run

**well that's my first story and I hope you enjoy it xxx** That story is about a 17 year old girl called Lizz :) Her mother died in a car accident when she was 11. Now she lives with her father Bob. She had a brother aswell but he moved to San Franciso because he didn't really wanted to stay in london with her and theire father. You can't really say that Bob was a good man he punched Lizz everytime she did something wrong. Lizz wanted to run away and planed that night a whole month but her father saw her and I think that you can expect that he didn't like that. Go ahead if you want know how she meets the boy of her dreams while she's running for her live ;) AN: I am sorry I know I am not a good english writer because I'm from germany xxx


32. Honeymoon (last chapter)

Lizz POV:

1 year later...

Harry and I got married one week ago so now we were on our honeymoon in the caribbean. Today was the second day so we decided to go to the beach which was directly in front of our little house. We walked down to the beach and our hands were intertwined. As soon as our feet touched the warm sand, harry picked me up bridal style and ran in the warm water. I screamed and laughed while I pushed his head down in the water. After a few seconds he didn´t moove anymore and I got really scared. I pulled him up but he still didn´t move. ,, Harry? Babe c´mon stop it?! Harry?" I started to shake and was about to scream for help when he started to laugh and looked up at me with a huge smile. ,, Hahaha I was just joking babe don´t worry".

,, Omg Harry please never do that again I was so scared " I said and punched him lightly in the arm. ,, I`m sorry I didn´t want to scare you that much" he chuckled and pulled me in a tight hug.  ,, I love you Harry" ,, I love you too babe". He pulled away from the hug and kissed me. When it got darker, we laid down in the sand to watch the beautiful sunset. My head was on Harry´s chest and he stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and thought of what happened in the past year. I married  Harry ,Liam and Alyssa are engaged , Louis and Genea are married, Perrie is pregnant and Niall is still single.We all love our live and we will all be friends forever. It´s amazing how this all just happened because I ran away from "home" and now my live is just like the most beautiful dream a girl could ever have.

A/N: The end :) hope you guys loved the story as much as I loved writing it :) thank you so much for all your support !!! I am writing a new story soon (I will start 100 % this week) it is going to be called Nobody Compares and its a Niall fanfic, if you liked this story please read the new one :) Love you all

alyssa  <33

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