Dream Run

**well that's my first story and I hope you enjoy it xxx** That story is about a 17 year old girl called Lizz :) Her mother died in a car accident when she was 11. Now she lives with her father Bob. She had a brother aswell but he moved to San Franciso because he didn't really wanted to stay in london with her and theire father. You can't really say that Bob was a good man he punched Lizz everytime she did something wrong. Lizz wanted to run away and planed that night a whole month but her father saw her and I think that you can expect that he didn't like that. Go ahead if you want know how she meets the boy of her dreams while she's running for her live ;) AN: I am sorry I know I am not a good english writer because I'm from germany xxx


10. funn time and 2. try for shopping


Lizz still needed new clothes since she just had that dress and the clothes she had on at that night we met and after oure shopping try yesterday didn't work I wanted to go to the mall today but just us two and like that I can show the world my beautiful new girlfriend.
It was about 10am so I decided to wake her up. ,, Hey babe:) you wanna go shopping today?" ,, hey love.. uhm yeah but..." ,, don't eaven try to discuss with me again you are my girlfriend and I want to buy you a few clothes and I wanted to buy you a nice fancy dress because I wanted to take you out for dinner tonight AND I can show the world my beautiful new girlfriend :)) " ,, Okay then when are we going?" ,, Uhm.. how about 12am?" ,, yeah sure. I just go and have a shower" ,, yepp sure I am making breakfast" ,, Okay " she quickly kissed me on the cheek and I looked at her with a sad face ,, What is wrong harry?" ,, Don't I get a real kiss ? :) " ,, hahaha you're so cheeky okay then.." and she gave me a kiss and I kissed back as I pulled her onto my bed.

Lizz :

I acctually wanted to take a shower but as I started kissing him he pulled me to his bed and his tongue started to ask for entrance in my mouth and I lett him in. I explored his mouth with my tongue and so did he as his hands reached under my shirt I smiled into the kiss and nodded because I knew he wasn't sure to make that step. He started tu pull of my shirt and I pulled of his shirt aswell. We did the same with oure pants and suddenly we were all naked. He looked at me again and asked : ,, you sure you want to do this ? :) " ,, yes harry I am sure" ,, okay you're ready?" ,, YES I am ready " ,, Okay " we both smiled and then I grabbed a condom from his bedtabel and pulled it over his dick.
He then slowly pulled in and let out a little moahn as he started to move.
I let you guys think the rest by yourself but it was already 15pm as we arrived at the mall and we walked thro a few shops and when we came home I had 8 bags full of clothes with me. Today was a great day.

AN: Hey guys I hope you like it so far :)
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