Lady Elizabeth

Edward had loved Ellie since they were both kids, he always protected her too. When they were little it was a sibling love, she was his sister's best friend. As they got older it turned into something so much more. Edward loved and wanted Ellie more than he ever thought possible, but he could hardly say anything when she was seventeen considering he was twenty six. Edward had planned to propose to Ellie on her eighteenth birthday, instead he buried her. Ellie was presumed to be killed in a fire just one week before she turned eighteen, the grief almost killed him. Now, working at MI5 Edward has a new mission, and Ellie has some explaining to do.


1. Shock

It was that day again, the day that Edward always found himself wanting to kill someone, anyone as revenge for what happened so many years ago. Edward made his way to speak to his commander, another mission had been set and he was part of the group to undertake it, alone with an agent whom's name he had never seen before.
"Eddie, I'm glad you're here. I would like you to meet the new agent whom you will be taking the Darrington project with." Joshua stated as Edward entered the lightly lit room where commanders would assign new projects. Edward froze at the name, he hadn't learnt what the project was but now that he had heard it he wanted to run screaming from the room, but of course he kept himself cool and collected. Edward turned to the agent standing as still as stone by the window, what he saw broke his heart all over again. Her hair hadn't changed, it was still dark chocolate brown and still fell almost to her waist. Her eyes sparkled like the darkest sapphires under the morning sun, her skin seemed so smooth and was a creamy pale. Right in front of Eddie, so close that he could reach out and touch her face, stood the beautiful Elizabeth Darrington.
"Edward!" Elizabeth breathed, barley a whisper.
"Elizabeth." Eddie whispered, then without thinking, he grabbed her by the arms and pinned her against the wall in a painful manner. Looking into Eddie's face Elizabeth knew, he was way past the shock.
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