Lady Elizabeth

Edward had loved Ellie since they were both kids, he always protected her too. When they were little it was a sibling love, she was his sister's best friend. As they got older it turned into something so much more. Edward loved and wanted Ellie more than he ever thought possible, but he could hardly say anything when she was seventeen considering he was twenty six. Edward had planned to propose to Ellie on her eighteenth birthday, instead he buried her. Ellie was presumed to be killed in a fire just one week before she turned eighteen, the grief almost killed him. Now, working at MI5 Edward has a new mission, and Ellie has some explaining to do.


2. Proposal

Ellie stared back at Edward, there was no fear in her eyes though she knew Eddie was defiantly a man to be feared. It had been the same when they were kids, if someone was bullying her all that had to happen was they would see Eddie and they would run. Eddie had always been the one to protect Ellie, now he was the one threatening her. The irony was not lost on her, in fact, it was so comical that she almost laughed. Though she managed to hold back a laugh, she couldn't stop the smile that spread across her lips, The second the smile appeared Edward's expression became harder, colder.

"what the hell are you smiling about Ellie, because I don't see anything funny about this!" He snarled, pushing her harder against the wall.

"I was just thinking how comically ironic this is, you used to protect me from anything and now you are the one threatening me." Ellie explained, Eddie's eyes softened and he released his death grip on her. She was right after all, he had used to be her protector, he didn't want to hurt her. God damn it, he loved her! That didn't mean he wasn't hurt. For four years he had thought Ellie was dead, but she had been alive all this time and she had been so close to him. 

"I would never hurt you Ellie, you know that so don't give me some crap about threatening you! Where the hell have you been, do you know that we all thought you were dead?!" Eddie demanded, he may have calmed down but he was still livid, absolutely fuming.

"I know exactly what you thought Edward, I staged it that way to make you think it. I'm no fool, if I wanted you to think I was alive, you would have known." Ellie said, her voice so calm that Edward wanted to scream. How the hell could she be so calm? Didn't she know of the pain that she had caused him, didn't she realise that he had spent nights screaming her name after her 'death'. 

"Don't start with that smart mouth right no sweetheart, because I swear it will not end well. Damn it don't you know what your little stunt did to me, I wasn't exactly planning on burring you on your eighteenth birthday." Edward snarled and he saw the look of pain and resentment in Elizabeth's eyes. That look speared him right in the heart, damn it he was doing it again, he was hurting her when all he ever wanted to do was protect her. 

"I know, you were going to propose to me." Edward stopped dead at her words, his eyes widening so that they looked just about the size of mexico. Holy crap!

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