My Poetry


1. The Butterfly

I run as fast as I can,

I need to get out of here.

I thought about my life as I ran,

And it all became clear.

My happiest time always end sad,

But for this I am glad.


For my pain will end soon,

My spirit will be free.

I am a butterfly in her cocoon,

I am waiting to get a glimpse of what heaven has in store for me.

I will be peaceful,

I will be graceful.


My mother has been dead,

My father just died.

For months I've been unfed,

So I cried and I cried.

I do not know where I am going,

But all my emotions are showing.


The rain that has been waiting in dark storm clouds begins to fall.

The wind picks up and ice cold rain starts smacking my cheek.

My feet are swept out from under me and I begin to crawl.

It's almost time - I'm nearing the peak.

I reach my destination,

And I feel an odd sensation.


I don't shun a single thought.

Will I feel regret?

Will I no longer feel distraught?

All through this, I try to forget.

There's no time to lose,

No action to refuse.


The waves attack the rocks below.

I lean forward and fly away from the ground.

I look down at the ocean, as black as a crow.

I do not scream; I don't make a sound.

I hit the icy liquid,

Never looking back at the life that I hated.


The sea salt burns my eyes,

And the last thing I hear are the angels' cries.

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