Elle's 101 dates.

Elle is a smoldering 16 year old. Known for her charms, looks and her 'single' relationship status. But when Elle's older brother leaves for uni Elle decides she's going to take her life into her own hands, and do the things her brother always forbid her to do.


2. Zeke

The train taking Nathan off to Sheffield left for good. Elle was truly alone. It was unusually quiet. She pulled out her phone and texted Zeke to meet her in 10. She could do that now. Actually meet up with people. Without permission and without pleading or supervision. She had butterflies in her tummy as she walked down the road to meet Zeke in a coffee shop. " Alone. Alone. Alone." She sang in her mind. The possibilities were endless.

She sat down with her coffee and grinned at the world. It was a bit silly, she knew. But she told herself it was an important step to becoming independent. Being alone. 

"You seem happy." she heard Zeke's familiar voice. 

"I am." She smiled up at him and got up to give him a hug. 

"Brother's packed up and left for uni I take it?" Zeke asked as he sat down.

"Yeah. I know it's a bit bad but... I'm so happy!" she squealed. 

"Nah, don't worry. I understand. How are you gonna celebrate?" Zeke smiled.

"I'm thinking... well. My dad's going on a business trip this weekend. So, I'm gonna throw a house party. Set the new school year off on the right foot" she winked. 

"Sweet! Who's on the guest list?" Zeke asked. Elle smiled. She loved that Zeke could get so excited about things, just like her.

"Only everybody..." she giggled.

"Wow girl. You're really throwing yourself into the deep end."

"I have a lot of socializing to make up for. Besides, I wanna start the year off with everybody knowing who's top bitch." Elle smirked.

"What?" Zeke laughed.

"Hehehe. You know I'm just kidding. But I had a really good reputation last year. I wanna have a good one this year too. Especially since it's sixth form now." 

Zeke rolled his eyes.

"Being a girl is so confusing." 

"Well then just count your lucky stars and stick to GTA and football." Elle replied.

"Let me start. One, two, three" Zeke pointed his finger around the room. 

"You idiot." Elle laughed. 

"So what day's the party?" Zeke asked.

"Saturday." Elle replied. "My dad's coming back on Sunday evening. Plenty of time to clean up."

Zeke's face fell.

"Damn. I'm at my gran's birthday that day." 

"Oh bummer. I'll miss you at the party." Elle said sincerely. It almost seemed like without Zeke there was no point of having a party. He was the only person she cared about coming. 

"Oh it's fine. I'll be too busy dancing the conga with my 90 year old gran to remember a thing." Zeke said bitterly. 

"Next time. There will definitely be a next time."  Elle smiled. "If I can pull this off then there's no stopping me. My dad is away so often." 

"You say that like being all alone all the time is a good thing." Zeke said sipping on his coffee.

"Isn't it?"

"Not really." He laughed. "You can get so miserable and lonely, and there's literally no one to turn to. No one to cheer you up. No one to help, or offer to do things you don't want to do. You have to do everything by yourself."

"Now you're making it sound like I have no friends."Elle pointed out smiling. She was sure she wouldn't have any problem with being alone, when it is all she wanted for so long."

"I don't mean friends, I mean family." Zeke said gently.

Here's where the conversation turned sour. Elle didn't really want to discuss it. Her family was so small. It was still painful to talk about her mum. And her dad, he was never really there. He cared about his children and he was trying his best, but he was always on the phone or in front of a computer screen. And her brother? It was easier to think she had escaped him, because if she thought about how she would miss him, it would feel too much like missing her mum. 

"Would you stop raining on my parade?" Elle said, trying to conjure up a light, but truthful response. "It is what it is. My friends are like my family." 

Zeke must have caught on how touching the subject was to Elle because he suddenly took three big gulps of coffee and announced he needed the bathroom.

Elle waited for him while twirling her hair, and checking her reflection in a little hand mirror. It was moments like these she wished Zeke would be... different. She loved his good looks, his great body, the spark in his brown eyes. He could really make her laugh too. She knew he liked her. They were good friends.She couldn't figure out what they were exactly, but there was definitely something there. But sometimes Elle wished he wouldn't step back as soon as things got deep or difficult. She wished that just then he would push on and get her to talk about her family, open up to him. She wanted to entrust him with this hidden part of herself. But in moments like these it seemed Zeke was only interested in the light-hearted, fun side of Elle. And that wasn't what she wanted. Jokes an banter could only take you so far. She wanted to get personal, to get to the stuff that matters. But Zeke didn't.

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