Elle's 101 dates.

Elle is a smoldering 16 year old. Known for her charms, looks and her 'single' relationship status. But when Elle's older brother leaves for uni Elle decides she's going to take her life into her own hands, and do the things her brother always forbid her to do.


1. Prologue

Elle waved goodbye to her brother one last time. She smiled sadly, but deep inside she was extatic. Finally she was free. Of course she loved him. He was what you expected every older sibling to be like: caring, loving, guiding, controlling, always in the right. Thank goodness Nathan was leaving and with him he took every restraint and rule placed up Elle since the age of 10.

Everyone has diffferent ways of coping with death. For Elle it was taking long lonely walks through the grim countryside in the cold. For Nathan it was safe-guarding his little sister in every way imaginable. No going over to friend's houses, no friends over their house.  At one point Nathan got so ridiculous as to insisting on helping Elle into the shower and holding her hand whenever they went out. Elle put up with it. It was nice to have someone mother her when there was no longer a mother in their family. But it was suffocating. Well, now she was free. 


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