The Unbecoming Brand of Our Generation: The Other Side

An insight into my opinions on the brand, 'PlayStation Nation'. We are not all the same, and the biased people of our world need to see that.


1. The Truth

Well… where would be most appropriate to begin? What about the thousands of adults worldwide that have dishonestly accused US of being the ‘PlayStation Nation’? What about the amount of adults who whole-heartedly believe that WE are a herd of terrors cast on this world in order to play COD, socialise on Facebook and watch TV day in and day out?

I am here to tell those prejudiced people that they are wrong. Simply wrong, is the best way to put it. They have not met me, they have not conversed with me, and they have not even inquired as to what my interests are. And I am sure that is the case with thousands of other teenagers around the world. So, how I ask, can they label my generation falsely?

The answer is: they cannot.

To begin with, let me introduce myself. My name is Ayaan and frankly, I am proud of being part of my generation. I am honestly honoured.

Although, yes, many teenagers that adults have come into contact with do have access to PlayStation and social networking sites, that truth does not apply to us all. For the majority of us, education is vital. We take pride in our grades and the feedback we receive from our teachers – we are ecstatic when we open up our summer results!

And for those that mostly live in the little crevices of fiction, we love reading and writing too. I see the shock register on your faces and believe me when I say that it does not go wholly unnoticed.

Many of the teenagers that you DO NOT come into contact with have friends called Imagination and Creativity.  Those friends help them to craft their work, whether it be poetry, a biography or a short piece of fiction. They help them shape it into an extraordinary story with the help of their other friend - Reading.  

These three that I’ve mentioned are possibly the biggest influence in my life. A day, I will most likely spend approximately two hours of both reading and writing as opposed to playing COD or Black Ops.

I love what I do. If other teenagers did it too, I am sure they would be nodding their head vigorously in agreement right at this moment.

The point is, they don’t.  So, it falls upon these wayward, prejudiced ‘adults’ to help guide them onto the path of enlightenment or whatever it may be called to you.

As Ghandi once rightfully said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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